Coalition Crisis

Bennett threatens to topple

government, go to new elections


Antisemitism? Whatever...

Antisemitic head of British Labour party refused to answer letter from Israeli Labor party leader Herzog expressing concern about antisemitism

Terrorists Reconcile?

Switzerland to host attempt to unify Hamas and Fatah

Terrorist Vs. Terrorist

Iran leading attack on ISIS in Iraq


New Jersey man convicted of terrorism in series of antisemitic firebombings


Antisemitic former mayor of London fired from radio show after claiming Hitler supported Zionism

Spielberg Speaks Out

Acclaimed filmmaker warns of rising antisemitism

'We truly believed that anti-Semitism was fading. And we were wrong. Over the last two years, nearly 20,000 Jews have left Europe to find higher ground.'

Clinton's Betrayal

Hillary appointee conspiring with Bernie's Israel-haters to change party platform

The Last Redoubt

Turkey's Jews are one of the few Sephardic communities left, and they're fighting for survival

Abbas Lies Again

Lead Palestinian inciter says Israel guilty of incitement

While discussing peace prospects with Egypt

Arab League Joins in the Lying

Head of organization claims Israel 'has truly become today the last bastion of fascism, colonialism, and racial discrimination in the world.'

Says Israel sabotaged peace efforts the Arabs sabotaged


British National Union of Students investigated leader for antisemitism, did nothing

Darkness Rising in the North

Hezbollah preparing for war

'Resistance fighters are watching, making preparations and digging tunnels so enemy soldiers and settlers are losing sleep.'

Gaza Aid Ends Up in Wrong Hands

Hamas confiscates cement for terror tunnels

Israel foils shipment of military materials


Iran Getting Away With Murder

Iranians have not been sanctioned for human rights abuses since nuclear deal

Sanctions Experts: White House Should Increase Pressure on Iran to End Regional Aggression

Where's the Accountability?

Iran has launched 8 missiles since deal signed, says expert

Wishful Thinking

White House: Hezbollah is broke, thanks to U.S. sanctions

Abbas Meets Sissi

Egypt reportedly prepared to back Palestinian demands

Justifying Hatred

Netherlands declares BDS 'free speech'

Sad Day for Sports

Morocco refuses to play Israel in wheelchair tennis World Cup

Israel Rushes Disaster Relief to Sri Lanka

Take That, Obama

House votes to outlaw future heavy water purchases from Iran

Palestinians Celebrate Killer

Cheers for terorrist who murdered elderly Jew

And There's More ...

P.A. praises killer who stabbed American

A People Bent on Suicide?

Top aide to Abbas says Palestinians love death

Pot Meets Kettle, Big Time

Arch-terrorist chief of Hezbollah calls Liberman 'crazy,' Netanyahu an 'extremist'

The Terror State

Iran resumes funding Gaza terrorists of Islamic Jihad

Prosecuting ISIS

Obama searches for ways to charge terrorist group with genocide

A Hater Exposed

British Muslim woman whose protest against far-Right went viral revealed as vicious antisemite

How Dare You Be Nice to Israel!!!

Jordanian officials under fire for attending Israeli Independence Day ceremony

Bloomberg: Non-profits Strategized to Sell Iran Deal With Lies

U.S. Helping Iran Violate Nuclear Deal

Iran exceeds limits on heavy water, U.S. abets

National Iran Radio

Emails show NPR canceled interviews with anti-Iran deal congressman

You're a Genius, Obama

'Anti-Western Cleric to Head Powerful Iranian Council, Signaling Hardening Position in Tehran'

Iran Lobby Now Seeks to Decrease Border Security

What Obama Wrought

Books details full horrors of the Syrian war

It Was Terror

Evidence indicates explosion aboard crashed Egyptian flight

Obama BFF Khamenei: U.S. Can't Do a 'Damn Thing' About Missile Tests


The Sharks Circle

Political figures hint at coalition to bring Netanyahu

As Police Target His Wife

Indictment recommended against Sara Netanyahu on corruption charges

A Future Threat?

Poll shows new Centrist party led by Yaalon would defeat Netanyahu

No to Liberman!

Thousands protest against new defense minister in Tel Aviv

Terror Arrested

IDF busts Hamas terror cell that claimed Jerusalem bus bombing, planned further attacks

The Big Drill

Israel prepares for rocket barrage from Hezbollah and Hamas

Bibi Hoisted on His Own Petard?

Sources say PMs political maneuvering could topple the government

Trump Israel Visit on Hold

Analysis: What Israel Thinks About the U.S. Election

Kulanu Protest

Israel's Environmental Protection Minister Avi Gabai resigns over coalition deal

Forest Fires in Jerusalem

Wildfire in Ramot Forest destroys acres; residents evacuated

Common Threat

Israel forms civilian defense units with Arab citizens in case of conflict with Hezbollah


U.N.'s W.H.O. singles out Israel as violator of health rights

Israel's envoy: U.N. 'completely disconnected from reality'

Hamas Fires Missiles at Israel, IAF Strikes Hamas

Ambassadors Against BDS

Israel's U.N. envoy plans to 'fight and win'

The Monsters

Undercover on anti-Israel social media

Skepticism at State

U.S. State Department expresses misgivings about new Israeli government

Back Off

Israeli minister criticizes State Department

'Our relations with the United States are extremely close and strong, but I think that the makeup of the government is an internal Israeli issue.'


Madoff Payout?

Ponzi victims in line for another $247 million in restitution

N.J. Court Rules State Grant to Yeshiva Unconstitutional

$10.6 million was to go to haredi Orthodox Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood

Restitution Claims

Sen. Schumer reminds Holocaust survivors to file claims against French rail company

New York County Passes Anti-BDS Law

Nassau County on Long Island fights against hate


Top GOP Jewish Bundlers Join Team Trump

Clinton Caught Lying

Presidential candidate said eight times State Department permitted email setup

Democrats 'Lay Bare' Anti-Israel Bias

Bashing Bernie

Alan Dershowitz slams Sanders for appointing Israel-haters to platform committee

The Rift

Pro-Israel Democrats denounce inclusion of Israel-haters


Kentucky declares Clinton primary winner

Debbie on the Outs

Dems said to be debating ouster of Wasserman Schultz as party chair

Point Made or Not?

GOP Jewish group stands up for journalists facing antisemitism, but don't single out Trump supporters

Democratic Convention Fight Looms

Palestinian activist Jim Zogby wants to 'toughen up' this year's platform on Israel

Dems Choose BDS Backer to Draft Party Platform


Sir Elton Rocks Tel Aviv

Fans in Yarkon Park concert know all the words to his top songs

History Preserved Online

Organization called Diarna operates 'geo-museum' to explore Jewish sites in the Mideast and Northern Africa that no longer exist

Taylor Swift Decries Racist Followers

Neo-Nazis salutes Grammy-award singer as 'Aryan Goddess'

Rock Legend Documents the Shoah

Eric Clapton scores film of child of survivors' visits to Auschwitz

Moving Around Manhattan

New York Jewish cartoonist Roz Chast exhibits works at The City Museum of New York

Get 'Happy'

American musician Pharrell Williams to perform in Israel in July

'Red Priestess Kinvara' Debuts

Russian-Israeli actress Ania Bukstein has joined the cast of the hit HBO series 'Game of Thrones'

21st Century Journalism

Forward names digital strategist as its new publisher

'Neighborhood Bully'

Remembering Bob Dylan's ferociously pro-Israel anthem

A Win for Israel

Filmmaker wins Cannes student film competition

And Another

Israeli app wins prize at Google Play competition


Memorial Day Ritual

New York's Shearith Israel each year honors those who fought in Revolutionary War

Uganda's Tiny Jewish Community

View photo montage of the Abayudaya

Stabbing in Amsterdam Kosher Restaurant

Dutch Jewish woman injured in attack; assailant turns himself in

Police: Attack Not a Hate Crime But Act of Mentally Unstable Man

36 Under 36

N.Y. Jewish Week: Meet the millenials changing the face of the New York Jewish community


Amsterdam to pay Jewish community for Holocaust survivor taxes

Nosh at Aryeh's Kitchen

Kosher food truck opens in Nashville at Vanderbilt University

Israeli Firm Successfully Tests 3-D Printing for Stem Cells

The Next Generation

Israel's ReWalk device and Harvard plan lightweight robotic system which will enable disabled to walk

Israel Takes on Zika Virus