Netanyahu: Israel Must Have

West Bank Presence

Parade of foreign ministers to visit Israel

in efforts to resume peace talks


Pope Walks Back Abbas Praise

'Not recognizing Israel as Jewish is anti-Semitic,' says pontiff

ISIS Threatens Hamas in Gaza

Report: ISIS-linked terrorists in Sinai could strike Eilat port

Cyprus Attack Against Israelis Thwarted

Lebanese-Canadian arrested in planned island terror

Israel's U.S. Military Aid Package Increases

Defense aid to Jewish state likely to be more than $3.5 billion after 2017

Planet Futbol

BREAKING: Palestinian Drops Proposal to Ban Israel from FIFA

But PFA head demands votes on anti-Israel amendments

Will FIFA arrests have impact on Israel?

Pro-Palestinian Storms FIFA Congress

Female protester ejected after waving flag and shouting at FIFA president

False Bomb Threat

Bibi Slams Motion to Expel Israel

Anti-Israel push shows Palestinians oppose Israel's right to exist

Blatter: Russia, Qatar Choice Led to Problems


ISIS Suicide Bomber Strikes Shi'ite Mosque in Saudi Arabia

Four killed in second such attack

Grisly Mission

Iraq exhumes 500 bodies from ISIS Tikrit massacre

Will Ban Ki-Moon Stick Up for Israel?

U.N. chief reportedly will not include Jewish state in report on children's rights in armed conflicts

U.N. seeks to put IDF on blacklist

Too Late for Justice

Alleged Nazi war criminal wanted by Russia dies in Quebec

ISIS Truck Bombs Reshape Battlefield

Stretched Thin?

Analysts say ISIS may have reached the limits of its territory

Enemy of My Enemy

The U.S. is aiding Iran-backed militias in the fight against ISIS

Israeli Defense Minister: Iran does not want to defeat ISIS

'A strong Iraq runs counter to its own interests. From its perspective, Iraq needs to be weak, bleeding.'

'Iran needs the threat of ISIS and Sunni jihadist groups to stay in Syria and Iraq in order to become further entrenched in Damascus and Baghdad.'

ANALYSIS: What Obama needs to do to defeat ISIS

History Preserved?

ISIS claims it has not destroyed ancient ruins of Palmyra

Jihad vs. Jihad

Hezbollah denounces ISIS as 'existential threat'

As Iran sends troops to aid Yemeni terrorists

And Saudi coalition bombs terrorist-held port

Hungarian Spews Racism at Israeli Consul

'Dirty Jews - it's a shame Hitler didn't finish the job. If I had a rifle, I'd shoot you.'

Hungarian Catholic University Makes Holocaust Education Mandatory

Germany Gives Up on Teaching Muslims About the Holocaust

'There are a lot of children from Muslim families who do not have a connection to our past.'

But refuses appeal of man arrested for antisemitic ranting

No Justice

Germany will not prosecute former Nazi due to ill health

Rewriting History

Dutch textbook calls Begin a terrorist, fails to mention Arab atrocities

Pyongyang-Tehran Axis

Claim: Iran working with North Korea on missile technology

France: Nuclear Deal Unlikely by June 30

Russia, U.S., Close to Deal on Snapback Sanctions

Analysis: Why the Iranians Fight Better than the Iraqis

Is Hezbollah Losing in Syria?

Biden Steps Up

Vice president tries to calm outraged Iraq following Defense Secretary's remarks

Freedom of the Press? Whatever...

Obama keeps talking while Iran puts Washington Post reporter on trial

Hey, Obama: Syria Used Chlorine Gas 35 Times Since Mid-March

Itsy Bitsy Victory: Iran Ship Diverted to Djibouti for Inspection

Into Battle

Iraqi Shia militias launch new offensive against ISIS

None for You!

Iran defunds Palestinian Islamic Jihad over Yemen war neutrality

As its president talks peace


Annual Exercises Will Test Israel's War Readiness

Toughening Up

Justice Minister renews bid to jail rock throwers for 20 years

Rabbinate Targets Riskin

Efrat chief rabbi faces battle over his policies regarding conversion, ordination of women

Heinous Crime in Nazareth

Palestinian man indicted for murder of female Polish tourist

Freedom Flight

100 new Jewish immigrants arrive from Ukraine

British MPs Call for Defunding Palestinian Authority

Comes after reports that the P.A. is paying jailed terrorists

'The PA should be strongly condemned for deceiving well-intentioned donor countries into thinking that it had ended this shocking practice.'

Blair Out

Former British prime minister Tony Blair resigns as Middle East envoy

Palestinians Celebrate

Ramallah considered Blair insufficiently anti-Israel

President Rivlin: We could negotiate with Hamas

'I'm not opposed to talking with anyone who is willing to talk.'

ISIS in Israel

Suspect arrested for supporting barbaric terrorist group

Dennis Ross: Obama Mistakes Distance Peace

Defense Minister Warns Hamas

'If there won't be quiet in Israel, Gaza will pay a very heavy price. ... I would not advise anyone to test us.'

Lieberman: 'A wimpy response of a faux government. ... All they did was throw four bombs at sand.'

Egypt: 'Hold back your aggression'

Hamas Cracks Down on Rocket Launchers

Israel strikes Islamic Jihad after missile attack

IDF: No tolerance for rocket fire on south

E.U. to Israel: Stop Building Outside Settlement Blocs

Analysis: Bibi Two-Faced on Two States?

Gaza Terrorists Fire Rocket at Gan Yavne

Missile hits open area, no injuries reported

Finally Admitting It

Israel-hating NGO accuses Hamas of war crimes

Gaza Unemployment Highest in the World

Israel: 'The full responsibility lies solely with Hamas which turned the citizens of Gaza into hostages.'

No News Here

Egypt opens Rafah -- one way into Gaza

U.N. Follies

Israel lone violator of 'health rights' in worlds

The Start-Up Nation

Credit card giant Visa opens innovation hub in Tel Aviv


I'm Out

Chief U.S. negotiator with Iran to quit

'A good deal would be a dream and a bad deal would be a nightmare'

Likely presidential candidate Lindsey Graham says he would not honor a bad deal with Iran

Sen. Graham Promises 'Violent Pushback' to Protect Israel From U.N.

' Iím not going to ask the American taxpayer to fund an organization thatís going to be used in a way to marginalize' Israel

The Sleeper Cells

U.S. has arrested more than 40 terror suspects in the past year

U.S. Agencies on High Alert

Trump Tries Again

Real estate mogul set to announce presidential bid June 16

Pataki's Hat Is in the Ring

Former New York governor ranks low in GOP polls as of now

Santorum Announces Run for Presidency

Former GOP Pennsylvania senator launches second run at highest office

The 'Other' GOP Big Donor

An in-depth profile of the talented and influential Miriam Adelson

Houston Hit Hard by Floods

Jewish community scrambles for safety during chaos

Elderly rabbi rescued by canoe

Floods damage two synagogues

Into the Fray

Jewish presidential candidate Bernie Sanders holds first campaign rally

Regales an audience of serious weirdos

Ben& Jerry Dish Out Ice Cream at Sanders Campaign Event


Obama's Address for National Jewish American Heritage Month

Antisemitism in Egypt

Journalist meets with violent hostility as he walks the streets of Cairo in Hasidic garb

Repair the World!

Yale president tells graduates to commit to tikkun olam


YAAKOV AMIDROR: Islamic State's Next Moves Depend on Counterattacks

BENNY AVNI: Obama's Policy Will Keep the Sirens Blaring in Israel

JEFF ROBBINS: Hamas Quashes Reasons for Hope

MICHAEL DORAN: American Jews Must Admit That Obama Is Empowering Iran

LOUIS RENE BERES: How Would Israel Fight a Nuclear War?

YOSSI MELMAN: Israel Must Not Fall Into the Gaza Trap

NAOR R. BITTON: What Every Pro-Israel Student Needs to Know

DANIEL SHEK: Israel's Foreign Ministry Is Now an Unholy Mess

ELLIOTT ABRAMS: IMF Realism About Gaza

SAMUEL BERGER: A Policy to Defeat Both Iran and ISIS


Rapper Ice Cube Has Meltdown

Musician reportedly beat and stomped on Detroit rabbi, who is now suing

One Republic Band Defies Boycotters

U.S. musicians visit IDF soldiers in field at Iron Dome station

Israel's Blatt Takes Cavaliers to NBA Final

Al Bows Out

Legendary actor Al Pacino drops out of play written by a Nazi

Herman Wouk Turns 100

Prolific author has written new memoir

1,000-Year-Old Ketubah on Display

Rare marriage contract testifies to a Jewish community in 11th century Safed

Unique Holocaust Museum

Brooklyn, N.Y. museum first in U.S. to portray the Shoah from an Orthodox perspective

A Dark Corner of the German Art Market

Collectors seek works by artists favored by Nazis

Natalie Portman Offers Advice at Harvard's Class Day

Tells seniors to use their inexperience as an asset

Lady Gaga Honored by ADL

Award presented for pop star's efforts to combat bullying and empower youth

Comedienne Anne Meara Dies

Actress was married to Jerry Stiller and mother of actor Ben Stiller

Holocaust Film Wins Prize at Cannes

'Son of Saul' takes runner-up Grand Prize

To Life!

Lyricist Sheldon Harnick celebrates 50 years of 'Fiddler on the Roof'

Buckley & Mailer

New book explores the friendship between conservative stalwart William F. Buckley and liberal Jewish novelist Norman Mailer


The Battle of the (Torah) Bells

It's synagogue v. synagogue in nasty dispute

British Belz Hasidim Ban Women from Driving

Palmyra's Jewish Past Endangered

With ISIS now in control, historians fear ancient city's archaeological gems could be lost forever

Measure of Dignity Restored

Germany sending 'symbolic' payments to child Holocaust survivors

Sacred Place Changes Hands

Oldest South Bend, Indiana synagogue now a baseball souvenir store

An Elite Place to Worship

Adas Israel has become high-profile synagogue in Washington, D.C.

Swiss Jewish Leader Dies

Rolf Bloch was Jewish negotiator in Holocaust compensation deals

Chicago Rabbi Byron Sherwin Dies

Spertus College faculty member was noted ethicist and scholar

Nuns Do Jewish

Elderly Catholic sisters get care at Jewish nursing home

Health Warning for Brooklyn Orthodox

Uptick in whooping cough found in Williamsburg and Boro Park