Third Generation Seeks Own Ways

to Remember the Shoah


Israel Suspends Peace Talks

Cabinet unanimous it won't negotiate with PA gov't that includes Hamas

'Whoever chooses Hamasís terror does not want peace.í

U.S.: We May Reconsider Aid to Palestinians

The Big Winners? Israel and Hamas

Prominent Israeli analyst says Palestinian unity will harm Abbas, make Israel's job easier

Congress Finally Loses Its Patience

'The Administration must halt aid to the Palestinian Authority and condition any future assistance as leverage.'

Abbas Is Coming! Yay!

P.A. president likely to visit Gaza following unity agreement with genocidal terrorist organization

P.A. Official: We Still Recognize Israel! We Swear! Honest!

Hamas dodges question of continued terrorism

Islamic Jihad celebrates

Cairo Contempt

Egyptian presidential candidates fight about who hates Israel more

The U.N. Keeps Digging the Hole

Israel-hating international organization elects Iran to committee on NGOs

'The unopposed candidacy of Iran, where authorities regularly detain human rights defenders, subjecting many to torture, abuse, and violations of due process, is a particularly troubling outcome of today's election.'

IAF Targets Suspected Terrorist

Bystanders injured as Israeli airstrike misses Islamic Jihad operative; 3 rockets then fired from Gaza

Blood Brothers

Fatah to join Hamas in unity government

U.S.: New Palestinian Government Must Recognize Israel, Renounce Violence

Netanyahu: Abbas Chose Hamas Over Peace

Israel Cancels 'Peace Talks' Meeting

Hamas PM calls for 'one government, one political system and one national program.'

'The possibility for further separation between the two movements is no longer possible given the current circumstances.'


Newly Sainted Popes Hailed as 'Heroes'

Popes John XXIII and John Paul II helped end centuries of church antisemitism

Detained Jewish Journalist Freed in Ukraine

Blair Gets It

Former British PM says world must stand up to radical Islam, support Israel

France planning crackdown on home-grown jihadists

Biden Condemns Anti-Jewish Violence in Ukraine

'Just as corruption can have no place in the new Ukraine, neither can anti-Semitism or bigotry.... The United States condemns in the strongest possible terms all threats and attacks against Ukrainian Jewish communities.'

Egyptian Terror Intensifies

Another police official killed in Cairo bombing

Palestinian Minister Slammed for Saying Jews Equal to Palestinians

Abbas Threatens, Bennett Calls Bluff

'We are hearing again and again the refrain of the same threat that if we don’t advance, if we don’t give him what he wants, then woe is us, he will dismantle the PA. I suggest to Abbas, if you’re going to shoot, then shoot, don’t talk.'

Abbas Makes Demands He Knows Israel Won't Accept

U.S. Releases $1.3 Billion in Military Aid to Egypt

U.S. to Deliver Apache Helicopters to Egypt

Expert: Syria Has Dumped 86 Percent of Chemical Weapons


Abbas condemns the Holocaust after years of denial


Sanctions to Come?

'Israeli radio said ministers were likely to announce fresh retaliatory measures on top of a raft of financial sanctions unveiled this month.'

Lapid: 'We transferred some of the most vicious killers to the Palestinian Authority, only to find that they have this agreement or they were working on this agreement with Hamas without telling anybody.'

IDF Gears Up for Possible Violence

Unity deal may lead to West Bank explosion

Israel Skeptical of Unity Deal

'You need to wait and see what happens now. We have seen such moves in the past; it may all be a charade.'

'This is a very general framework agreement, deliberately vague and far from implementation.'

Lieberman Says Agreement Proves Abbas Is No Peacemaker

'Abbas won't sign any deal. He likes the current situation - no war and no peace. His strategy is to exhaust the enemy.'

Abbas guilty of 'diplomatic terror'

Livni Takes a Stand Against Palestinian Unity Agreement

'We have a duty, even when we want peace, not to stop seeing reality with eyes wide open: Hamas combines religious Muslim extremist ideology with terrorism and doesn’t recognize our right to exist.'

Netanyahu convenes security cabinet to discuss Israel's reaction

Tells Kerry, 'Whoever wants peace with Hamas is not interested in peace with Israel.'

Lapid Calls for Israel to Join Diaspora Jews in Fighting BDS

'We have to fight this together.'

Shortchanging Survivors

50,000 Israeli Holocaust survivors living in poverty

Price Taggers Nabbed

Police arrest three for defacing mosque

Israel's GDP Hits New High in 2013

Israelis make average of $37,500 per year

Israel Further Opens Meat, Dairy Market to Importers

U.S. Supreme Court to Rule on Jerusalem Passport Issue


Good News and Bad News on Israel Divestment

San Diego State and UofC Santa Barbara vote down resolutions, but measure passes at UofC Riverside

Trouble in Williamsburg

Five Hasidic men charged with assault on gay black man

Starbucks and SodaStream

American global coffee giant in talks to buy stake in Israeli company

The Radical Right Underworld

White supremacists animated by antisemitism say experts

Shooting Exposes Security 'Glitches'

Kansas City Jewish community will get emergency training

Democratic Congresswoman: We Love the Jews!

'Despite millions of dollars being thrown by the Republicans to try to persuade the Jewish community to support Republicans, the Jewish community voted 70 percent in 2012 for Barack Obama.'

U.S. Will Ease Visa Approvals for Young Israelis

From Capitol Hill: Fears of Israeli Spying Kept Israel Out of U.S. Visa Waiver Program

CNN: U.S. 'Trolls' for Jihadists Online

Gov't. engages with Muslim extremists on social media


ADL Slams Jews for Jesus Recruitment Video

Foxman: Video is 'cynical abuse of the Holocaust'

Netanyahu Family Tours Israel's North



'State of Deception'

Holocaust Museum exhibit examines Nazi lies

Film at 9/11 Museum Sets Off Clash

Dispute is about portrayal of Islam

Israeli Film Garners Rave Reviews

IDF comedy Zero Motivation wows at N.Y. Tribeca Film Fest

The Secret Jewish History of Shakespeare

450 years later, the Bard's Jewish inclinations are analyzed

Next Big Hits?

Thailand, Germany and France acquire licenses for Israeli reality TV formats


Common Goal

Israeli soccer team recruits Arab women

Changing of the Guard

Gabriel Negrin, 25, will be next chief rabbi in Greece

Rabbi Aaron Landes Dies at 84

Philadelphia's Beth Shalom rabbi was longtime director of U.S. Naval Reserve chaplains

Rapfogel Pleads Guilty

Met Council on Jewish Poverty head admits stealing millions in scam

Happiest American is a Jew From Hawaii

Alvin Wong lectures on the art of being content

Shrinking Jewish Life in Latin America

Once-flourishing communities are struggling


End of Passover tradition celebrates faith

Archeologist Finds Tool Used to Build Kotel

The Donetsk Fog

The mystery behind the demand that Ukrainian Jews register with pro-Russian authorities

The Chips Weren't Down

Poker ace skips Mom's seders, but wins $1 million at tourney