Doubling Down on Antisemitism

Report shows U.K. Labour party secretly

suspended 50 officials for antisemitic statements


Corbyn Gets Hamas Endorsement

Genocidal terrorist group hails antisemitic Labour party leader

Telegraph: Antisemitism suspensions 'are said to be just the tip of the iceberg.'

Israeli MK Weighs In

'There will always be those who will try to downgrade the tragedy and atrocity of the Holocaust. There will always be those who will try to abuse it for political needs, as Ken Livingstone painfully reminded us this week.'

Racist Imam Hails Labour Antisemites

'I think that what Naz Shah said is not that far from what we would prefer, which is that those who came to occupy the Muslim land of Palestine should be returned from where they came.'

Little Stevie Blasts BDS

Bruce Springsteen's guitarist says Israel boycotters are 'politically ignorant obnoxious idiots.'

As BDS Goes Down at Vasser

College votes down boycott resolution

Legacy of Slaughter

Polish houses use Jewish tombstones as building blocks

Why Can't Israel, America Agree on Arms Deal?

Former general: Different priorities and understanding of Middle East

Justice Served

Israel destroys home of terrorist who killed Henkin couple

Arab Stabs Elderly Jewish Man in Old City

Photos From a Historic Past

Israel National Photo Archive goes online

Obama Acts Tough, Plays Up Bin Laden Killing

Hopes terror leader thought about dead Americans in final moments

Obama BFF Iran Says U.S. Number One Enemy

Germany, Israel Deny Reports of Tension


Deal With the Devil: Obama Backing Assad in Syria

Into the Belly of the Beast

French journalist infiltrates jihadist cell, films plans for terrorist attacks

More Virulent Antisemitism in U.K.

Labour politician: Israelis 'drink Gaza's blood'

Ilyas Aziz also echoed calls to ethnically-cleanse Israeli Jews

Councilor suspended over anti-Israel postings

First Person: The Left's Hatred of Jews Chills Me to the Bones

Darkness Falls Over Labour

Top U.K. analyst: Why the Left can't deal with its own antisemitism

Labour Party Leader Won't Denounce Hamas, Hezbollah

But says party isn't antisemitic

Nick Cohen: 'I Never Thought It Would Get This Dark'

Antisemites Defend Antisemites in the Name of Tolerance

Special Ops Stealth

U.S. kills 40 top ISIS operatives

Iran Recruits Teenage Boys

Warmongers' selling pitch: Come fight in Syria and then invade Israel

Too Little, Too Late

Former Auschwitz guard apologizes at trial

Good News

Antisemitic incidents drop in the Netherlands

The Belgian Jewish Exodus

As families flee antisemitism, there are fewer faces around the seder table


A Murderer Nabbed

Accomplice of terrorist who killed American tourist in Jaffa arrested

What Was He Doing?

Islamic Jihad terrorist killed in explosion in Gaza in supposed training accident

Suspected Hamas Operative Indicted

Charges reveal monthly salary of $2,000 for operating terror tunnel

Shaked's Push

Justice minister: Apply Israeli law to the West Bank within one year

With Thanks to Above, a Quiet Passover

PM praises security forces at Mimouna feast


Israelis leave behind 1,000 tons of litter at national parks

Report: Asians picking up taste for matza


Palestinian filmmaker makes loving tribute to 1972 Munich terrorists


Vienna hosts Palestinian terrorist

Slander From Within

Joint List MK claims Israel is ethnically cleansing the West Bank

The Red Line

Israel will take action against ISIS if it acquires chemical weapons

'Partly Free'?

Freedom House slammed for claiming Israel is suppressing press freedom

A Storm on the Mount?

Tensions rise as Jews begin to assert their right to pray at Temple site

Palestinians Attack Soldiers Escorting Jewish Worshippers to Joseph's Tomb

Palestinian Antisemitism Erupts

P.A.'s U.N. ambassador compares Israel to Nazi Germany

The Creeping War

IDF commanders say Hezbollah preparing for war on Israel's northern border


Sanders advisor says Netanyahu complicit in Rabin assassination

We're Staying Put

Israeli foreign ministry denounces U.N.'s demand Israel give up the Golan Heights

'Who is Israel supposed to negotiate with about the future of the Golan? Islamic State? Al-Qaeda? Hezbollah? The Iranian and Syrian forces which have slaughtered thousands of people?'


Gaza Children Put on Play About Stabbing, Killing Israelis

Hallowed Bones in the Danube

Remains of Holocaust victims buried in Jewish cemetery in Budapest


The Hidden 'Oyneg Shabes' Archive

Spielberg fund backs Warsaw Ghetto documentary

'Keep Quiet'

Documentary tells the journey of former Hungarian politician from antisemite to Jew

Heartwarming Message

Argentinian pop star sends get-well wishes to Israeli fan injured in terror attack

First Jewish Film Fest in Casablanca Resounding Success

'Glee' Star Discovers Greek-Jewish Roots

Actress Lea Michele descendant of Sephardic Jews

Book on Israeli Cuisine Number One

Israeli-American restaurateur’s ‘Zahav’ named James Beard book of the year

Fight Off a Dinosaur, Fall Into a Crater

3D sidewalk art on streets of Jerusalem

Not Welcome

B'nai B'rith in Montreal tries to block entry of antisemitic French comedian Dieudonne

Brandeis' Triumph

When an ex-president tried to stop the first Jewish Supreme Court nominee

Combating Campus Antisemitism

Congressional panel queries U.S. Education Department about increase in anti-Israel activity


Real Estate Moguls

Indian-born Jewish brothers Simon and David Reuben top Britain's richest people list

Passover Vandalism

Swastikas found around Brooklyn, N.Y. Orthodox neighborhood

Swastikas spraypainted at park, elementary school in largely Jewish D.C. suburb

Preserving the Past

Iraqi Jews in Israel take new interest in heritage

Israeli Brainpower

Israeli professor battles brain tumors with electrodes

Top Chef

Mexican-Japanese restaurant owner serves kosher Mexican cuisine in Los Angeles

Catholic Grocer Helps Mexican Jews Keep Kosher

Six Flags Great Adventure

New Jersey amusement park goes Orthodox for Passover

Banding Together to Bust BDS

Heads of Israeli and American universities join forces against racist boycott movement

Northwestern Student: Divesting from Israel Is Biased, Unfair and Insulting

Top British Universities Step Up

Oxford, Cambridge threaten to break ties with National Union of Students after election of anti-Zionist president Malia Bouattia

The Righteous Ones

How a Jewish woman and a Japanese envoy saved thousands from the Holocaust

Rabbi Resigns, Denies He Was Pressured

Rabbi Marc Schneier to leave The Hampton Synagogue in Westhampton Beach

Exodus to London

French Jews fleeing antisemitism head to U.K.