Double Tragedy

IDF soldier stabbed to death 12 years after

uncle was killed in a suicide bombing


Kerry in Israel Condemns Terror

'Today I express my complete condemnation for any act of terror that takes innocent lives.'

'I am here today to talk with the prime minister about ways how we can work together ... to push back against terrorism.'

A Moment of Remembrance

New England Patriots hold moment of silence for American teen slain in Israel


Bands face death threats for playing in Israel

Abbas Spews Lies

Claims Israel defiling Temple Mount, executing Palestinians

Going Too Far?

Promoting new TV show, Amazon blankets New York with Nazi symbolism

Hate Crime

Muslim man sets fire to New York Jewish couple's house

The Spark?

Turkey shoots down Russian jet near Syrian border

'It was the first time a NATO member's armed forces have downed a Russian or Soviet military aircraft since the 1950s.'

NATO calls 'extraordinary' meeting

Good Luck With That

French president meets Obama to request help in fighting ISIS

The Coverup

Military reportedly whitewashed ISIS reports to please Obama

'They'll Come Here'

CIA official warns that ISIS will try to strike the U.S.

Blanket Warning

State Department issues global travel warning, tells Americans to 'exercise particular caution during the holiday season and at holiday festivals or events.'

Can England Awake?

British PM Cameron faces uphill fight for war with ISIS

Now You Know How Israel Feels

Britain braces for missile terror

A Voice in the Darkness

Paris imam calls for opposition to radical Islam

Antisemitism at CNN

Reporter says Paris attacks different because they didn't target people 'because of their faith'

Belgian Chief Rabbi:

No future for Jews in Europe

Crackdown Coming?

Israel plans 'series' of measures to quell terror

IAF Jets Strike Gaza After Rockets Hit South

Kerry Arrives

State Department has 'ideas' on quelling violence

This for That

Report: Israel wants recognition of settlement building in exchange for West Bank gestures

Too Little Too Late?

Kerry calls parents of slain U.S. teen Ezra Schwartz

Palestinian Kills Israeli Soldier Near Modiin

Jew-hater stabs soldier at gas station


Lockdown in Brussels

Police arrest 16, still searching for missing terrorist



Belgian police storm hotel, expecting attack

It's Serious Because Jews Aren't Being Targeted

Justice Minister: 'It’s no longer synagogues or the Jewish museums or police stations, it’s mass gatherings and public places.'


ADL blasts academic organization for boycotting Israel

A Win for Justice

Antisemitic Argentinean president goes down to defeat

Emerging Alliance

U.K. PM offers France use of air bases to strike ISIS

'Benign Neglect'

Brokaw on Obama ISIS policy

'Not Sufficient'

Sen. Feinstein on Obama war on ISIS


Muslims rally against ISIS in Rome

You Did It

Russia says ISIS's rise 'became possible partly due to irresponsible U.S. politics.'


Far-Left leader of U.K. Labour party calls for negotiations with ISIS

One in Five

20 percent of British Muslims sympathize with ISIS

More Libels

South Africa's president blames Israel for ISIS terrorism

Obama's Phony War

U.S. president shows more passion for blasting Republicans than ISIS

The Mastermind?

The real planner of the Paris slaughter may still be at large

Massive Security

Brussels remains on highest alert, Paris attack suspect may be there

Authorities: 'Serious and imminent threat'

Transport, business, sports events all shut down

Rome Braces for Terror

Massive papal event a tempting target for barbarians

Dementia Universita

Leftist and Muslim students shoot down moment of silence to honor victims of 9/11

Labour's Surrender

U.K. party votes to boycott security company for Israel ties

Analysis: How to Defeat IS in Syria, Iraq


Coming Home

French participation in Birthright skyrockets

Lapid Strikes Back

Yesh Atid leader files petition with Supreme Court to prevent rollback of Haredi draft law

The People Are With Him

76 percent of Israelis oppose Haredi draft exemptions

Terror Strikes Again

Two teenage terrorists neutralized after stabbing attack in Jerusalem


Following terror attacks, Palestinian workers are banned from Gush Etzion settlements

Watch Yourself

Bennett says he put verbal 'bullet between [Netanyahu's] eyes' in argument over unilateral withdrawal

Told to watch his language

Chipping Away

Hotovely: Take 'Right of Return' Off Agenda

Palestinian Stabs and Kills Jewish Woman

Seminary student, 21, killed at bus stop


Three Americans killed over last six weeks, president says nothing

State Department Finally Acknowledges

'We were deeply saddened to learn about the death of Ezra Schwartz, an American citizen from Massachusetts who was murdered in a terrorist attack.'


Bernie Burns Israel

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders accuses Netanyahu of 'overreacting' in Gaza war


At Oxford Debate, Dennis Prager Passionately Defends Israel

Netanyahu Reiterates Support for Two-State Deal


BRADLEY KLAPPER: Kerry Has No Grand Plan for Israel

DANIEL POLISAR: Why Do Palestinians Believe What They Believe?

RAY TAKEYH: How Iran Uses IS to Get Ahead

ELIOT A. COHEN: It's World War IV

JEFF BARAK: Treat Pollard Like Our Own Traitors

JONATHAN ALTER: A New Chance for Peace

BEN-DROR YEMINI: Europe After Paris Is Not the Same Europe

RALPH PETERS: Obama's Anti-ISIS Strategy Has Completely Failed

AMOTZ ASA-EL: In Radical Islam, the Palestinians Have Chosen the Wrong Ally


Einstein, Judaism, and Israel

What did the great scientist really think about Zionism and his Jewish heritage?

Lasting Legacy

Israeli artist's life mission is to pay tribute to Januscz Korczak, who went with orphans to death camp

Spielberg, Streisand and Perlman to Receive Presidential Medal of Freedom

MoMA will Return Nazi-Looted Painting

'Sand Hills' will go back to heirs of German Jewish art collector

German Museum Discovers More Art Most Likely Stolen

Adam Sandler's New Version of 'The Chanukah Song'

Updated tune lists new Jewish celebrities

Putting More Fun-ukkah in Hanukkah

Mensch on the Bench is now all smiles

November Is Jewish Book Month

Annual event marked across North America is now 90-year-old tradition

Fighting Back With the Pen

New book discusses how Israel can 'win the war of words'


Polish Protesters Burn Effigies of Orthodox Jews

Anti-refugee demonstration turns antisemitic

More Polluted Air on California Campus

U.C. Santa Cruz Jewish student warned to abstain from BDS vote

In Orlando, Antisemitic Stickers Appear on UCF Campus

Swedish Jews Take Precautions

Synagogues shut down temporarily in response to national threat assessment


Dutch university students create Nazi death camp in dorm room of Jewish classmate

White House Seeks Menorahs With Stories

For first time, appeal goes out for unique menorah for annual Hanukkah celebration

What's New in the Kosher Food World?

At Kosherfest, attendees sample pigeon meat

Jack’s new barbecue pulled beef brisket among winners of best new product award

The Kosher Grape Juice Wars

Welch's and Manischewitz teaming up against Kedem

Four Israeli Visionaries Honored

Young people make M.I.T. Technology Review list for next gen breakthroughs

Another Amazing Find

Two wine presses dating back 1,500 years discovered in Netivot

Never Run Out of Power

Israeli start-up Mobeego develops disposable cellphone charger