Striking Back

Israel refuses to grant visas to Israel-hating

racist NGO Human Rights Watch


'The best president for Israel ever'

Top Republican Jewish donor Sheldon Adelson hails Trump

France Keeps Digging the Hole

Jews attacked by Muslim racist thugs near Paris

A Step in the Right Direction

British university cancels Israel-hating antisemitic event at venue named for Jewish donor

McGill Endorses Antisemitism

Student council votes against expelling member who told followers to 'punch a Zionist'

Alt-Right Antisemite Expelled From Conservative Conference

'There is a sinister organization that is trying to worm its way into our ranks.'

Comfortably Conservative

Right-wing Jews feel no hostility at conservative conference

The New York Times for Muslim Supremacism

Grey Lady denounces plan to designate terrorist group the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group

Hypocrite of Hypocrites

Antisemitic DNC candidate Keith Ellison claims he's being smeared as an antisemite


Genocidal Iran Shrieks, Blusters, Bullies, Threatens

‘The enemy should not be mistaken in its assessments, and it will receive a strong slap in the face if it does make such a mistake.’

A Hit on Hezbollah?

Israel reportedly strikes weapons convoy in Syria

Irish Fascists Strike

‘Leftist’ brownshirts shut down talk by Israeli ambassador


The PM in Waiting?

Riding high in the polls, Yair Lapid details how he wants to change Israel for the better

What a Shock

Racist U.N. denounces 'lenient' sentence for soldier who shot terrorist

They're Bluffing

IDF chief says neither Hamas nor Hezbollah want war with Israel

Says Hezbollah has 'a morale and financial crisis.'

Bibi For a Pardon

Says soldier who shot neutralized terrorist should receive clemency

'Soldiers in dangerous situations could be deterred, and therefore there must be understanding and progress toward a pardon.'

69 Percent of Israelis Agree

Netanyahu in the Far East

Singapore PM: 'Old friends whose ties are expanding'

Bibi praises Australia: 'Clear eyed' for blasting U.N.

ISIS vs. Israel

Barbarians claim responsibility for rocket fire

Watch Out, Iran

Israel tests improved Patriot missile


Right begins to tip balance at Israel Supreme Court


Former chief rabbi gets 4.5 years in prison on corruption charges

Not So Fast

Netanyahu says U.S., not Israel, torpedoed 2016 Arab conference


Hezbollah arms shipment targeted

Steinetz: We Can't Allow Iran on Our Border

New York Times Whitewashes Gaza

Fails to mention Hamas' dictatorial rule

'Considered' a terrorist group by the U.S.


Another One

ADL hit with bomb threat as part of wave of antisemitic incidents

Past Lies

Arab-American antisemite blasts Trump advisors for antisemitism

Pence Condemns 'Vile' Vandalism at St. Louis Jewish Cemetery

Pathetic Whitewash

Jew-hating anti-Israel Muslim activist raises money to repair Jewish cemeteries

Bibi Hails Trump's Statement on Antisemitism

Gen. McMaster May Overhaul NSC

'The Right Man in the Right Place'

Trump on Antisemitism: 'Horrible' and 'Painful'

Trump Tightens Immigration Rules

Millions of illegal immigrants now subject to deportation

A Bull Who Picks Up the China Shop and Smashes It

That's how colleagues describe new national security chief

Ivanka Trump Denounces Threats to Jewish Institutions

Trump Appoints New National Security Advisor

General Herbert McMaster is Russia hawk, widely respected

Tablet: If You Support Trump, You're an Ingrate


Israel's Ambassador to the U.S.: 'The reason why we do not have peace is because the Palestinians refuse to accept the existence and the right of the Jewish people to a state in our ancestral homeland.'


Sounds of the Holy Land

A look at Israel's diverse music scene

Gal Gadot Strikes Again

Israeli Wonder Woman actress stars in top Super Bowl commercial


Sweden, Land of Jew Hate

Country's Jew live in a climate of fear

The Language of Holocaust Denial

Bristol university professor says Jews should stop 'privileging' the Holocaust

Canada's Monsters

Pamphlets distributed at university claim 'Jewish terrorists' orchestrated mosque attack

Meanwhile at Oxford...

Racist conference to include speakers who support Palestinian terrorism

Darkness Rising

Alt-Right website employs racial slurs to claim Jewish conspiracy behind attacks on Jeff Sessions

Censorship at Columbia

University refuses to grant pro-Israel activists entrance to campus event

Antisemitic Incitement at McGill

Student leader urges followers to 'punch a Zionist'