Obsessed With Jews?

Two major pundits say media makes too much

of Jewish supporters and opponents of Iran deal


On His Way Out?

Abbas reportedly searching for a successor

Iran Deal Backed by 31 Democratic Senators

Dems help Obama near historic capitulation

For or Against?

DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz blocks resolution supporting the Iran deal


'Moderate' Rouhani says Israel 'began its work on the basis of intimidation, terror and occupation, and is continuing the same anti-human path today.'

The Big Speech

Hillary Clinton to make major address on Iran deal

Cheney: Iran Deal Is Munich

'A vote for the Obama nuclear deal is not a vote for peace or security. It is a vote for an agreement that facilitates Tehran’s deadly objectives with potentially catastrophic consequences for the United States and our allies.'

Says deal could lead to 'the first use of a nuclear weapon since Hiroshima and Nagasaki.'

1,00 Turn Out for Anti-Iran Deal Protest in Boston

No Vote Means Victory

White House Trying to Filibuster Iran Vote

The Warrior

Jewish man joins battle against ISIS

'I wrote Rabbi Nachman's name here to bring some light in to this black sink hole of torture, rape, murder and savage war. Amen.'


Showers installed at Auschwitz, offending Jewish visitors

German soccer match descends into antisemitic violence

Huge Gas Deposits Discovered Off Egypt Coast

Find endangers Israel plan to sell gas to Cairo

Analysis: Find Could Shake Up Israel's Gas Industry

'The discovery of the massive gas field in Egypt is a painful reminder that while Israel sleepwalks and dallies with the final approval for the gas road map ... the world is changing in front of us.'

An Ally in Trouble

Canada's pro-Israel PM likely to be defeated in upcoming elections


10 Reasons the Iran Deal Stinks

Barack the Liar?

64 percent of voters believe Obama is 'only telling Americans what they think will help the agreement be passed by Congress.'

Jeb Bush Bashes Deal

Presidential candidate tells Jewish audience 'An unverifiable agreement that ... over the long haul will create nuclear proliferation in the region is not the right way to go.'

Report: Iran Stepping Up Attacks on Israel in Light of Sanctions Windfall

Making It Plain

Ayatollah's aide pledges, 'Iran will not recognize Israel. We still emphasize that Israel is a usurper and occupying regime and we will not come along with it.'

The Hostage

American held by Iran remains in limbo despite deal


Iran claims Israeli officers killed in Syria

Buckling to BDS

U.S. union votes in favor of racist boycott of Israel

Eyes on the Prize

Hezbollah plans to use Beirut protests to topple Lebanese government

With a Little Help From Barack: Turkey Bombs ISIS in Syria

In Too Deep?

American involvement in fight against ISIS splitting Middle Eastern allies

The Phoney War

U.S. refuses to attack ISIS training camps

The 9/11 Bomb?

Former German official claims U.S. considered using nukes following mega-terror attack

Bracing for Jihad

Europe ponders how to secure its public transportation against attacks


Upping the Ante

Bibi pledges more forces for West Bank

'To deal with what appears to be a rise in terror attacks, both in Jerusalem and in Judea and Samaria ... we will augment our forces ... to preserve the security of Israel's citizens.'

Darkness Rising

Inside the Jewish terror network in the West Bank

Peres for Iran Peace

Former president meets with daughter of Iranian ayatollah

Don't Interfere

Former Israeli general says Netanyahu's open opposition to Iran deal is misguided

To the Polls

Lieberman and Lapid predict coalition collapse, elections next year


Father of IDF soldier attacked by Palestinian women praises his restraint

Terrorists Flock Together

Former top Palestinian official calls for unification of Fatah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad

Netanyahu Talks Truth in Italy

'The deal with Iran allows it to keep and expand a formidable nuclear infrastructure that is completely unnecessary for civilian nuclear purposes, but is entirely necessary for the production of nuclear weapons.'

'Iran will get hundreds of billions of dollars from sanctions relief and investments to fuel its aggression and terrorism.'

Another One

Man lightly wounded in West Bank drive by shooting

Settler Leader: 'There needs to be a policy change, the state cannot keep restraining the IDF in protecting its citizens.'

Victim: 'I feel like we are playing Russian roulette.'

This Can't Be

Palestinian women beat Israeli soldier

Strike at Ben Gurion

Flights in disarray as unions disrupt travel

Playing Both Sides

Saudi Arabia draws closer to both Israel and Hamas


Yeah, Right

Obama tells American Jews that surrender deal ensures Iran will not get the bomb

Trump, Cruz Team Up for Rally Against Deal

GOP presidential candidates slated to appear at Sept. 9 Capitol Hill event

Beyond the Pale

Dems condemn Hikind for insensitive remarks

N.Y. state assemblyman has personally attacked Rep. Nadler and Obama

Swing State Poll

Voters in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania oppose Iran deal by more than 2 to 1

Jeb Bush's Brain Trust

Report: GOP presidential candidate to form Jewish leadership team

Larry King Talks U.S. Politics on Israel Trip

Veteran American TV journalist: 'I don't think Trump can win.'

A Dubious Enemy

Antisemite David Duke likes Trump on immigration, hates him on 'Zionism'


Who Will Help SpongeBob? Jewish Teens Will

The Speech

Egyptian graduate of Tel Aviv University hails coexistence


BEN COHEN: Bibi's Critics Have Gone Nuts

SETH FRANTZMANN: The IDF Must Change to Secure the West Bank

YARON FRIEDMAN: The Ethnic Cancer that Is Devouring the Middle East

MARY LANDRIEU: We Need a Better Iran Deal

JONATHAN S. TOBIN: Obama's Hypocrisy

HILLEL FRADKIN AND LEWIS LIBBY: The Iran Deal Is Unenforceable

PAUL BERMAN: Iran Deal Depends On Iranian Goodwill - and That Alone


Top Jewish Neuroscientist Dies

Oliver Sacks' story was told in the film Awakenings

F.B.I. Warns Art Dealers

Agency issues alert to be on lookout for pieces sold by Islamic State

Sour Note

Israeli conductor Daniel Barenboim may lead a Berlin orchestra in Tehran

No Problem

Israel Museum repairs crack after young girl breaks ancient Roman-era vase

Mayim Bialik Speaks Out

Orthodox Jewish actress says she took flak for her visit to Israel; religion not 'trendy' in Hollywood

'Hasidic Hendrix' Passes Away

Orthodox rocker Yosi Piamenta dies at 64

Jazz Fusion

Israeli flutist Hadar Noiberg meshes Western harmonies with Middle Eastern tempos

Oh, Natalie...

Israeli-American film star Natalie Portman says Holocaust should not be 'used as a paranoid way of thinking that we are victims.'

Matisyahu Brings Music to Synagogue Near Auschwitz

Matisyahu Plays Spain -- to Protests

As singer takes stages, chants of 'out, out'

Defies Protesters With Palestinian Flags

'3,000 years with no place to be, and they want me to give up my milk and honey.'

Hitting Back

Major tea company refuses to sponsor music festival for banning Matisyahu

Sinatra for Israel

The legendary singer was one of Zionism's greatest supporters


Asking Forgiveness

Monaco apologizes for deporting Jews during Holocaust; monument unveiled bearing names

All in the Family

Israel ranked fourth best place worldwide to raise a family

Jewish Cafe Re-opens in Shanghai

White Horse Cafe was popular meeting place for Jewish refugees during WWII

Ten Years After Katrina

New Orleans Jewish community stronger than ever

Chabad Expands Campus Presence

To combat antisemitism, 19 new emissary couples will fan out across U.S. colleges

Study Reveals BDS Impact on Campus Is Exaggerated

But pro-Israel group also warns of increase in campus BDS campaigns

Jewish Aid Group Exec to Step Down

Alan Gill, CEO of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, will leave in 2016

Putting the Pieces Back Together

D.C. women reclaim mikvah with collaborative, colorful new mural

'Eye From Zion' Initiative

Israeli doctors restore eyesight to 90 in Kyrgyzstan

Warsaw's River of Secrets

Jewish tombstone fragments discovered under Poland's Vistula River

Survey Says:

Numbers of U.S. Orthodox Jews Growing; Most Declare Themselves Republicans


Orthodox views similar to those of evangelical Christians


American football star Julian Edelman has fun summer adventure in Israel

Hamptons Eruv Will Extend to Two Towns

Big Givers

Kirk and Anne Douglas donate $80 million to charities, including Sinai Temple in L.A.

Cutting Edge Research

Autism Center to open in Jerusalem