Down to the Wire

With only hours to go before deadline, composition

of the next Israeli government remains uncertain


The Marathon

Likud and Jewish Home in non-stop negotiations to form new government

'The deal is not yet finalized. The big things have been closed, but on the level of the small details there are still gaps.'


ISIS threatens to kill organizer of Texas Muhammad cartoon contest

'We don’t care what land she hides in or what sky shields her; we will send all our Lions to achieve her slaughter.'

Claims to have '71 trained soldiers in 15 different states ready at our word to attack any target we desire.'

Says it will attack 'Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, California, and Michigan'

The Bin Laden Papers

Newly released documents show al-Qaeda leader wanted another 'large operation inside America' before his death

Not a Fan

Natalie Portman says she is 'very much against Netanyahu. ... I am very, very upset and disappointed that he was reelected.'

You'd Think They'd Learned Their Lesson...

Antisemitic violence spikes in Germany, up 25 percent in one year

Pilgrimage to Tunisia

Under heavy security, Jews flock to Africa's oldest synagogue for Lag B'Omer

Let. It. Go.

P.A. demands French investigation into Arafat's death be reopened

On the Brink?

Syria's Assad makes rare public appearance after series of military defeats

Obama's World: 38 Million Homeless in Worst Forced Displacement in a Generation

British Jews Reject Labour Leader Miliband

69 percent voting for Conservatives


Paper says Pals owe Israel $430 million

Hamas taxes for electricity, then pockets money

U.S. Bargaining for Tougher Snapback Sanctions

Russia, China would not be allowed to veto

Bennett Playing Hardball With Bibi

Demands foreign ministry and justice ministry

Coalition teeters on the edge of failure

REPORT: Netanyahu has handed over the justice ministry

ANALYST: The U.S. prefers a weakened Bibi to a national unity government

Well... Maybe...

White House unwilling to confirm that ISIS was behind Texas shooting

Chairman of Homeland Security Committee: Attack not ordered by ISIS, 'but rather inspired by them.'

Officials suspect 'lone wolf' attack

Yemen War Heats Up

Iran-backed rebels attack Saudi border town

Obama on the Run?

Iran claims it chased off U.S. ships

Lag B'Omer in Meron

Thousands of police, helicopters, zeppelin

Former Jewish Employee Sues Al-Jazeera for Antisemitism

Network: claims are 'absurd'



Barbaric terrorist group claims responsibility for Texas shooting, promises more to come

How'd They Miss Him?

Reports indicate Texas shooter succeeded in carrying out attack despite being under FBI investigation for years

Conference organizer referred to as 'the anti-Muslim movement’s most visible and flamboyant figurehead.'

Soccer Antisemitism

Arabic version of popular website denies Israel's existence

Danish buses drop anti-Israel ads

Ambivalent Albion

British Jews wonder what to do with Jewish-born Labour leader Ed Miliband

'I’ve been repudiated'

France's National Front party silences founder for antisemitic remarks

Birds of a Feather Fall Together?

Hezbollah leader says his organization will collapse without Syrian dictator Assad

World Powers Seek to Limit Iran's Centrifuges

Germany: We're in regular contact with Israel about details of deal

Republicans Work to Salvage Iran Oversight Bill

The French Get Serious

New bill would allow authorities to eavesdrop on digital communications

Shame of the U.N.

Former IDF chief of staff reveals four-year-old was killed by mortar fired from U.N. building during Gaza war

'Let me tell you something. It’s going to be worse next time.'

'Hezbollah has turned villages into missile villages and living rooms into missile rooms.'


Israel to Mark Russia's Victory Over Nazi Germany

Over 500,000 Jews served in the Red Army during World War II

Maariv: Arabs Run Amok in Mount of Olives Cemetery, Government Does Nothing

Cameron Comes Out for Israel

British prime minister blasts opponents for seeing 'some sort of equivalence' between Israel and Hamas

Israel's Ambassador to the U.N. Warns of Islamist Threat

'The radical Islamists ... are every bit as determined and dangerous as the Nazi forces that marched across Europe.'

Former AP Reporter Slams Gaza War Report

Says Breaking the Silence's claims of Israeli misconduct serve 'mainly to provide international reporters with the lurid examples of Israeli malfeasance that they crave.'

Back to the Temple

Court rules that Jewish activist who survived assassination attempt must be allowed to visit the Temple Mount

Report: Israel Strikes Weapons Cache in Sudan

Sudanese fire on aircraft

Arab Media claims Israeli drone shot down

Sudan denies airstrike

Claims 'object' was intercepted

War Machines

Israel expedites production of new APCs

State Comptroller: Israel Doesn't Have Enough Beds, Doctors at Hospitals

Netanyahu Addresses Ethiopian Concerns

Following riots in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, PM says, 'We must be united against the phenomenon of racism, denounce and eradicate it.'

Former IDF General Warns of More War

'If war is forced on us again, we have to defeat the terror organizations.'

Leftwing Media Salivates Over Gaza War Report

Human rights group says IDF acted irresponsibly in 2014 Gaza war

Israeli-Arab Arrested for Funding Hamas

Shin Bet says suspected 'was arrested while making his way to Judea and Samaria for the purpose of transferring funds to Hamas.'

Israel Tests New Missile Defense Technology

Jericho system designed to intercept ballistic missiles

Shocker: Lieberman Going to Opposition

Cites Likud weakness on settlements, Gaza, draft law


Trust Us

Kerry tells Israeli television, 'We will be able to know what Iran is doing and prevent them from getting a nuclear weapon.'

Losing the Edge?

Obama may sacrifice Israel's military superiority to appease Arab fears

U.S.-Israel Reset?

Netanyahu makes overtures to White House on Palestinian issues

While U.S. expects Israel to agree to two-state solution

Rice: Washington seeks 'genuine' Israeli commitment

Hate Hits Flatbush

Antisemitic graffiti defaces New York City yeshiva


Hate Spreads to High Schools

Video sounds the alarm on Boston University-affiliated workshop that is anti-Israel

Birthday Message From the Prime Minister


The Welles Connection

Legendary filmmaker Orson Welles may have had a Jewish father

Lauryn Hill Cancels Israel Concert

Hip-hop star wilts under pressure from the BDS movement

Claims cancellation due to inability to hold another concert in Ramallah

Pop Star Defies BDS

Robbie Williams plays Tel Aviv despite racist calls to cancel

Nano Bible on Display

World's smallest Bible in Jerusalem's Israel Museum

'TODAY' Producer on Growing up Latina and Jewish

Russian-American Jews Top Ballroom Dancers

Kudos to Israeli Filmmaker

Nadav Lapid named Best Director at the Buenos Aires Film Festival for 'The Kindergarten Teacher'

The Heroic Hunters

Couple who spent their lives bringing Nazis to justice finally publish their memoirs

N.Y.'s Museum of Biblical Art to Close

Despite recent Donatello exhibit triumph, small museum shuts down due to lack of funding

Ugly, Antisemitic Film Airs in Turkey

'The Mastermind' said to be calculated move to win votes from devout Muslims

A Family's Dark History

Film 'A Nazi Legacy: What Our Fathers Did' forces two sons to face the sins of their fathers

Lionel Hampton Score Donated to Ben-Gurion Archives


German Chancellor Marks End of World War II

'We Germans have a special responsibility to be alert, sensitive and aware of what we did during the Nazi era.'

As British Jews Brace for Tour of Antisemitic Play

'Many of the men featured in "The Siege" have murdered innocent people.'

Argentine Government Slanders Jewish Groups

And the French Pogrom Continues

40 Pro-Palestinian antisemites attack two Jews in Paris


Jewish day school in D.C. receives $20 million gift for new middle school

Students Stand Up Against Intolerance

U. of Kansas Jewish frat expels members over anti-Muslim video

Bloomberg Pays it Forward

Former N.Y. mayor regifts $1 million Genesis Prize to 9 new initiatives

Elie Wiesel: 'To be Jewish is not simply a matter of birth. We must do something with it, with ourselves.'

'Firing Line' for the Win

Jewish racehorse owner enters his thoroughbred in the Kentucky Derby