Netanyahu: Israel's latest population

numbers a triumph over the Holocaust


Jewish Billionaires Join Forces to Remember the Holocaust

Steven Spielberg, Ron Lauder, and Haim Saban collaborate to honor 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz

Will Britain Endorse a Fake State?

U.K. parliament to vote on recognition of non-existent Palestinian state

In Washington, ISIS, not Iran, on Agenda

Terror group succeeds in pushing greater threat from spotlight

As Obama Ups Appeasement Policy

Says Iran can 'disconnect' nuclear centrifuges instead of dismantling them

Iran says it will fight ISIS if it gets appeasement deal

London Council Takes Down Ultra-Orthodox Signs

Message asked ultra-Orthodox women to walk on one side of the street to avoid contact with men

Terror Strikes Cairo Again

Bomb explodes outside foreign minister, Islamic terrorists are likely suspects

'A snowball's chance in hell'

Former top marine general says Obama's plan against ISIS is really, really, really bad

ISIS Closing in on Syrian Kurdish Areas

Iran and China to Conduct Joint Naval Drills

A first for the two nations

'With Jews, We Lose'

ADL blasts Senate candidate for taking antisemitism mainstream


Obama and His Generals:

Tensions Rise About IS Strategy

Running for Their Lives

Syrian Kurds head en masse for Turkey as IS advances

This Means War

In response, thousands of Kurdish fighters head for Syria to kill IS savages

IS barbarians reportedly establishing sleeper cells on Syria-Israel border

Finally, Belgium Fights Back Against Jihad

Terrorist plot by jihadis returning from Syria thwarted

Scotland Rejects Independence

Scots vote to remain part of United Kingdom

Jews feared independence would have led to more anti-Israel Scotland

France Joins U.S. in Iraqi Skies

Airstrikes destroy Islamic State group's depot; dozens of fighters killed


Paper Falsely Claims Israelis Sought Asylum in Germany

German paper compares Israel to Nazis

U.S. Congress Declares Solidarity With Israel

Bill passed declaring Israel 'major strategic partner' of the U.S.

Likud for Peace

Polls show majority of Likud voters want Netanyahu to restart talks with Palestinians

Run for the Hills!!!

U.N. peacekeepers fleeing Golan Heights after 40 years of enforcing armistice

Analysis: UNDOF Flees

False Alarm

Rocket sirens sound across south, government says no missiles were fired

While Hamas threatens more terrorist war crimes

And IDF redeploys Iron Dome to the southern border

Israel Tells U.S. it Will Help in Fight Against ISIS

Report: 10 Israeli-Arabs Now ISIS Members

Strike Strands Travelers

Ben-Gurion airport workers walk out in solidarity with postal service strike

High Court: Haredim Need Not Teach Secular Subjects

Former education minister brought suit

Gideon Sa'ar Resigns

Internal affairs minister announces 'time-out' from political life


Campus Watch

Coalition works to ban federal funding for anti-Israel activity at U.S. colleges

Congress Votes to Aid Syrian Rebels

Approves bill but avoids bigger war debate

The Enemy Within

New Yorker indicted for aiding ISIS, planning to kill American soldiers

Lockheed Martin Incorporates Israel Subsidiary

Aerospace giant forms technology-focused Israel branch

Washington Intrigue

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz in struggle with White House

Joe Biden, Dum Dum Dum...

Shakespeare-ignorant vice president refers to evil financiers as 'Shylocks' despite antisemitic connotation


The Dark Prince of Scotland

Days before independence vote, leader of Scottish Nationalist Party defames Israel

Netanyahu on Counter-Terrorism

An Inspiring Rosh Hashanah Message From Mother of Murdered Israeli Teen

Demented Denial

Too cowardly to face its own problems, Arab world decides ISIS is a Jewish plot

Bayefsky Speech Lays Bare U.N. Antisemitism

New Aliyah Video: Leave Boring U.S. Behind



A Star Among Us

Late singer Amy Winehouse's statue in London features Star of David

Joan Rivers Opening Act for Book

Late comedian had contributed to new book on Jewish food

Report: Rivers' Doc Allegedly Performed Unauthorized Biopsy on Throat

A Passionate Babs

Streisand on Israel: 'The world envies success'

Eye on Fashion

Hunger Games' star wears Israeli designer Alon Livne's fashions

Shalom TV Rebranded

U.S. Jewish TV network now known as Jewish Broadcasting Service (JBS)


Neiman Marcus Settles Discrimination Suit

Former employee of luxury retailer had claimed he was fired for being Jewish and gay

Righteous Gentile

Suriname man honored for trying to save Dutch Jews

Start-Up Nation

Sports concussions diagnosed with Israeli brain scan

Bronfman Prize Awarded

Sam Goldman, solar power leader, honored for global humanitarian work

A First in L.A.

Orthodox synagogue plans to hire first female clergy leader

Scare in Monsey, N.Y.

Two teens arrested for shooting paintballs at yeshiva student and nearby cars

Sweet News

Summer war won't hurt Israel's honey yield