Giuliani: Abandon Two-State Solution


Kerry Flips Out

Secretary of state goes on anti-Israel rant at meeting of nations who fund Palestinian Authority


Netanyahu’s upcoming meetings with presidential candidates will be closed to the press

Some Good News

Following reelection of antisemitic Labour party leader, London mayor says, ‘We must do all we can to root out antisemitism wherever we find it – and, yes – that includes within the Labour party.’

‘The end for people like me’

Jewish peer resigns after racist Corbyn wins leadership election

As the Cover-up Continues

No consequences for Labour councilor who shared antisemitic video

'Labour has an antisemitism problem and if it keeps letting people get away with it the shame of racism will continue to rot the core of what is supposed to be a proudly progressive party.'

The Remains of American Nazism

Exploring an abandoned 1930s pro-Nazi compound in LA

Why Abbas Won't Accept Bibi's Offer

No One Respects the United States

'Syria Ignores Kerry and Launches Offensive to Recapture Aleppo'

Heaviest Bombing of War

Obama's Buddies Committing Atrocities

Iranian militias linked to mass killings

Analysis: Obama's Aloof and Tone-Deaf Worldview

Shocker of the Century!

New York Times endorses Hillary Clinton

Poll: Trump, Clinton in Virtual Dead Heat

Kirk Douglas Compares Trump to Hitler

Bibi Meets the Candidates

Netanyahu to sit down with both Clinton and Trump on Sunday


Der Big BDS Fail

Munich shuts down planned anti-Israel event because 'during the event the line between criticism of Israel and antisemitism will be crossed.'

The Barbarians Rejoice

Antisemitic British politician Jeremy Corbyn reelected head of Labour party

The Border Heats Up

Syrian regime pours soldiers into area near Golan Heights

What Ceasefire?

Syria launches offensive to recapture Aleppo

Intense bombing campaign targets Syrian civil defense centers

ISIS Suspected of Mustard Attack Against U.S. and Iraqi troops

Iran Was Dying a Slow Death...

And then Obama gave them billions and legitimized their nuclear program


Newly friendly Arab states drop bid to pressure Israel at U.N.

Friendly Skies?

U.S. allows Boeing, Airbus to sell to terror state Iran

Attack in Ankara

Terror attempt at Israeli embassy in Turkish capital

Ankara Attacker’s Racist Tweet

‘Allah damn Israel, America and Europe. Amen.’

Iran Spews Genocidal Racism

Threatens to ‘turn Tel Aviv and Haifa to dust’

Barack the Belligerent

Obama scolds France, Russia, Israel, everyone in U.N. speech

Says Israel shouldn’t ‘permanently occupy and settle Palestinian land.’

Sit Down With the Pharaoh

Egypt’s al-Sisi urges peace at meeting with Jewish leaders


The Wall Below

IDF says underground barrier around Gaza will be completed within months

Bowing to the Haredim

Tel Aviv Yom Kippur ‘unity’ rally will not include women singers

Analysis: Israel's Diplomatic Position Never Better

'Why the World Forgot the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict'

Peres Health Status Unchanged

A week after stroke, former Israeli president remains in serious but stable condition

Abbas Takes Aim at Britain

Plans lawsuit demanding British apology for Balfour Declaration of 1917

Analysis: Balfour Did the Just Thing

Israeli Soldiers Foil Stabbing

Palestinian teen shot and wounded at Kiryat Arba bus stop after attempted attack

Obama, Netanyahu Clash

In private meet, the two leaders argue over settlements

Israel Denies

‘There is an interesting change in the relations. It’s like an on old couple that is just getting to know each other.’


U.S. ambassador to Israel says Obama ‘disappointed’ with stalled peace process

Obama Whined About Settlements

In the End, They Made Nice

'I want you to know Barack that you will always be a welcome guest in Israel.'

'We'll set up a tee time.'


Grim Picture

Top Homeland Security official: Rise of antisemitism creates 'acute' need for security grants for U.S. Jews

New American Jewish Population Estimate: 7.2 Million

Bibi's Magic 8 Ball: Outlook Good

Israeli PM's U.N. speech surprisingly optimistic

Election Fever

Study: U.S. Jews could play decisive role in swing states

Holocaust historian says he will leave U.S. if Trump is elected

Two former U.S. ambassadors to Israel sign letter opposing Trump


Alan Dershowitz calls on donors, alums to divest from universities that boycott Israel

Land of the Free

43 Texas rabbis call on governor to remain in federal refugee resettlement program

Flagged Two Times

N.Y. bomber nonetheless passed scrutiny of law enforcement

Congress Steps Up

Republicans move to block any last minute anti-Israel move by Obama

High Praise for Trump From Republican Jews

Activists hail candidate’s support for Israeli security methods

Trump: ‘As you know in Israel they profile, they’ve done an unbelievable job — as good as you can do. They see somebody who’s suspicious, they profile, they will take that person and they’ll check him out.’

Senator: Israel Deserves More Aid

Says next president should dump Obama’s deal, give Israel a better one

CUNY Faces Antisemitism

City University of New York issues report on rising Jew-hatred on campus


Netanyahu's Speech to U.N. General Assembly


Drama at Israel's Oscars

Israel's cultural minister storms out of Ophir Awards in protest of Palestinian Darwish's poem

'I Am YU'

'Hamilton's' Lin-Manuel Miranda narrates video for Yeshiva University fundraising campaign

Taking a Stand

After venue cancels concert due to Black Lives Matter Movement's anti-Israel platform, New York theater artists protest the decision

Synagogues Past and Present

New wing at Beit Hatfutsoth features the Synagogue Hall

City of Gold, City of Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC to host exhibition on Jerusalem's medieval art history


He Stayed and Fought

Germany marks death of Holocaust survivor Max Mannheimer, who dedicated his live to the war on antisemitism

Virtually Unwrapped

New 3-D technology allows scientists to read ancient scroll proving Hebrew Bible is 2,000 years old

Chabad on Campus

New study reveals explosive growth of movement


Sad Sign of the Times

ADL boosts its presence in Silicon Valley to fight antisemitism online

Righteous Gentiles

Dolls forcefully taken from Jewish sisters during Holocaust preserved by French family for three decades

Nazi Time Capsule Unearthed

Archaeologists in Poland discover war-era artifacts

A Different Path

Former Harvard roommate of Facebook's Zuckerberg ordained a rabbi in Israel


Wine Spectator devotes cover story to Israeli wines

New Kids on the Block

Meet 10 Israelis making a splash in New York's tech scene

Team Israel Takes to the Field

But where are the Israeli ballplayers?