This Sukkot, American Jews

Stand With Refugees



Is Trump Pro-Israel?

Israeli analyst: It doesn’t look like it

Trump's Hail Mary Pass

At third debate, candidate refuses to say whether he'll accept election results

The Big Address

Trump and Pence will speak at Jerusalem rally via satellite

Thanks a Lot Barack

U.S. praises far-Left Israeli NGO B’Tselem

The Left’s War on Israel

How East Germany and Western Leftists joined forces against the Jewish state

ISIS Collapsing?

Iraqi army making rapid progress in battle for Mosul

Israel to the Rescue

IDF field hospital may be recognized as world's best


P.R. Nightmare

Hitler's birth home in Austria may not be demolished as planned

Dying by the Sword

Saudi Arabia executes member of the royal family

Terror and Nihilism

How Islamic radicalism has destroyed morality

ISIS’s Weapons of Mass Destruction

As U.S.-supporters close on Mosul, fears rise ISIS will use chemical weapons

A Safe Space for Hate

New report slams Britain's Labour party for coddling antisemites

Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

‘We will not surrender to acts of anti-Semitism’

Gang of youths desecrates Israeli flag in Kiev

Iran Thumbs Its Nose at Obama

Missiles fired at American destroyer by Iran-backed Yemeni terrorists

Britain Descending

Jewish lawmaker faces storm of antisemitic threats

Le BDS Fail

Paris regional council defunds racist boycott movement

Blasting the Barbarians

Egypt kills 100 ISIS terrorists following attack on Egyptian army in Sinai


Why Is Apple Maps Removing Star of David Symbol?

There's a Shock

Newly revealed documents show Nazis tried to arm Palestinian Arabs in the 1930s

El Al and the Cohenim

Israeli airline advises Jews of cohen ancestry to take alternate flight to avoid flying over cemeteries

Israeli Trekker Killed

Ariel Fryman, 56, died after falling into gorge in Himalayas


Official report says Israeli government, IDF were not ready for Gaza tunnel threat

Believing Their Own Lies

The Palestinians’ racist UNESCO resolution only reinforces their self-deception

To the Cohenim

Thousands make their way to the Kotel for the Priestly Blessing

The Violence Continues

Palestinian woman tries to stab Israeli soldiers, gets shot

Terrorist Turk

Turkish citizen arrested at Ben-Gurion airport, charged with ‘security offenses’

Suspected of spying for Iran

Israelis Skeptical of Trump

Despite misgivings, most observers believe Hillary would be better for Israel


ADL: Antisemitism on Twitter Skyrockets

Jewish Politico Reporter Targeted by Trump Supporters

'Don’t mess with our boy Trump or you will be first in line for the camp. Aliyah or line up by the wall, your choice.'

Psychological Warfare

Obama is trying to push Trump’s buttons

Losing the Women

Trump’s support among female voters is cratering

The Rise of Nazism

Swastikas found at seven sites in and around Toronto University

Five Boulder, Colorado high school students expelled for Facebook Nazi-themed hate group

Schumer Wants To Be Top Dog: Senate Majority Leader

Senate Hopeful Targeted

Republican Jewish group launches campaign to attack Pennsylvania Democrat for supporting Iran deal

The Hillel Effect

Campus organization protects Jewish students from a vicious Israel-hating atmosphere


Netanyahu's Speech to U.N. General Assembly


The Antisemite Stands Alone

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters has failed to blackmail artists into boycotting Israel

Visual Midrash

Retrospective of Elie Wiesel friend artist Mark Podwal's distinctive work recently published

Warsaw Jewish Theater Fights for Space

Facing eviction, group finds temporary areas to perform

I’m Not There

Nobel Prize Committee tries, fails to get ahold of Jewish prize winner Bob Dylan


French Leader Seeks to Ban Kippot in Public

Four Arrested for Brutal Attack on Ukraine Rabbi

Rabbi Mendel Deitsch was beaten and robbed at a train station in the city of Zhitomir

Antisemitism in Tampa

U.S. flag desecrated with antisemitic messages found in front of Florida synagogue

A Gift for Future Generations

Former Mayor Bloomberg gives back to Boston's Museum of Science with $50 million donation

Meet the Etrog Man

California citrus farmer is only large-scale grower of etrogs in the U.S.

The Grand Sukkahs of Jerusalem

Structures are high-end in top hotels, museums and private residences

Feast Your Eyes on the Waldorf's Sukkah in Jerusalem

Sukkot Customs of Jews From Arab Lands

Sukkot Fun

Each year, Hershey Park in Pennsylvania hosts a day of kosher festivities