The Long Game

ANALYSIS: Israel won the Gaza war, but

it's just one battle in a larger struggle


By the Skin of His Teeth

Abbas reveals that Hamas tried to assassinate him in 2006

Get Out!

Demands Israel leave West Bank within three years

British General: Beware ISIS

Says group is capable of 9/11-level attack

U.S. finally strikes Islamist monsters in Somalia

Does America already have boots on the ground in Iraq?

E.U. Barks, Blusters, Bloviates

Bloc says Israel must label settlement products or face general boycott

Syrian Border Fighting Heats Up

IDF Bolsters Forces

Islamist rebels demand concessions from international community

Thousands Rally in London Against Jew-Hate

But local Jews want even more action

Livni, Yaalon in Shouting Match Over Peace Talks

Defense chief opposes, warns against traps of diplomacy

Analysis: What Are Israel's Goals in Golan Heights?

Saudi Arabia, France Agree on $3 Billion Arms Deal for Lebanon

Where's the Outrage? Boko Haram Beheads 6-year-old for the Crime of Being Christian

Palestinian Dreaming?

Nearly 8 in 10 believe Hamas won the war

Abbas' Next Move: Dismantle P.A. if Israel Doesn't Give in to His Demands

Netanyahu: U.N. Should Focus on Islamists, Not Israel

Terror groups 'defy all international norms'


An Israeli Drone? Please...

Intelligence source says Iran faked supposedly downed Israeli drone

Obama and Iran Fight Side By Side in Iraq

Meanwhile: U.S. Objects to Israeli Building in West Bank

'We urge the government of Israel to reverse this decision'

Protesting the Pogrom

British Jews take to the streets to denounce, demand action against antisemitism

So do the Jews of Turkey

As Ukrainian Jews flee the Russian invasion

Jihadist Busted

Teenage girl arrested trying to board plane for Syria

The Pharaoh Victorious

ANALYST: Who really won the Gaza war? Egypt's al-Sisi

Injustice on the Way?

Israel-hating ICC says Palestinians can file war crimes charges

Police Against the Pogromists

Swedish Neo-Nazi rally erupts into violence

Photo: Vitaly Ragulin

Surrounded by Syrian Opposition. U.N. Troops Make Escape

But contingent of Fijians still caught

Firebomb Attack on Historic Jewish Home in Jerusalem

Chickens Come Home to Roost for Antisemitic Politician

Israel- and America-hating pro-terrorist MP George Galloway beaten up in London


IDF Nabs Infiltrator

Reported Hamas operative arrested after terror alert in Netanya

Lapid: Why antagonize America?

Finance Minister decries Israeli acquisition of West Bank land

Bennett: 'Hamas murders and we build'

Israel-hating U.N. condemns move, makes no comment on UNRWA's collaboration with terrorism

The Investigators

Knesset sets up panel to analyze Israel's performance in Gaza war

Kerry's Unbelievable Chutzpah

Barely days after Gaza war, U.S. secretary of state demanded new concessions from Netanyahu

Southern Moshav Enraged

Community threatened by terror tunnels feels abandoned by IDF withdrawal

As their kids head back to school

Civil War Lights Up the Border

Syrian forces shoot it out with rebels near the Golan Heights

Stray mortar lands on Israeli side

Good News: Aid Group Says it Will Take 20 Years to Rebuild Gaza

Might Gaza's rulers be too busy to launch war?

P.A. Complains it Has No Money

'The government's budget is below zero'

Lieberman: Israel Should Topple Hamas, Not Reoccupy Gaza

Our Man in Gaza?

Reports fly that former Hamas interior minister was Israeli agent


Pew Poll: Americans Sympathize With Israel More Than Palestinians

Enemies of Mankind

Steinitz to U.S. lawmakers: Global coalition needed to defeat terror

Memorandum of Understanding

Cleveland State and Univ. of Haifa formalize relationship

You Made Obama Mad!

Netanyahu-hating former envoy Martin Indyk says government damaged relationship with the U.S.

The Great Divide

U.S. Jewish leaders' responses to Gaza ceasefire run gamut from relief to outrage

Anti-Israel Prof Back at Trinity

Israel supporters fear replay of academic boycott feud


The Beasts of the Brooklyn Bridge

Pro-terror pogromists unfurl massive Palestinian flag in NYC

NYPD investigating

Attention Scrabble Mavens!

Yiddish word 'schmutz' is now kosher for play

Hilarious: Media Claims It Is 'Not Defending Hamas'



Stop Yelling at Me!

Anti-Israel comedian Jon Stewart shrieks that he's not anti-Israel

On the Edge?

Jewish comedian Joan Rivers on life support

Family taking the chance of bringing her out of induced coma

U.S. Cable TV to Air Series on Jewish Life

20-part Jewish film series will be shown in September on Turner Classic Movies channel

'Happy' Adon Olam Lifts Spirits

Dispatch From Israel's Burning Man

Hippie spiritual event held in the Negev

Look Who Has an Emmy

Sarah Silverman takes home a trophy for comedy special


Israeli Breakthrough Against ALS

Stem-cell treatment in advanced trials

Israeli Judo World Champ Takes Silver

Yarden Gerbi loses title to French rival

A Vanished World

Roman Vishniac's photographs of pre-war Eastern Europe goes online

World Memory Project

U.S. Holocaust Museum helps connect long-lost relatives

Tasteless Tee

Following insensitivity complaints, Zara fashion company destroys inventory of striped shirt with yellow 'sheriff' star

Think Before You Speak

NFL announcer makes antisemitic joke on air

Eye on Teen Tennis Star

Noah Rubin of Long Island plays in U.S. Open

ReWalk Robotics Going Public

Israeli company that helps the paralyzed walk again will be offered on N.Y. stock exchange