Chickens Come Home to

Roost for Antisemitic Politician

Israel- and America-hating pro-terrorist

MP George Galloway beaten up in London


Obama on Syria:

'We Don't Have a Strategy Yet'

You're in Their Sights

Saudi king warns the West they will be the next target of ISIS mass murderers

The Global Pogrom Adopts ISIS Tactics

French Islamists planned suicide bombing of synagogues

ISIS Calls for Genocide

Mass murdering Islamist psychopaths pledges to 'reach Palestine' and slaughter all the Jews

Terror Collaborators

Hamas and Abbas reportedly agree on new diplomatic war against Israel

Demilitarize Gaza

U.S., France to present options after Cairo talks

Hamas Response?: 'We Will Never Disarm'


ISIS Recruits Foreign Fighters

U.S. identifies citzens joining rebels in Syria

What Makes Some British Muslims Become Jihadis?

Britain Raises Terror Threat Level to 'Severe'

Risk of attack is due to events in Syria and Iraq, says home secretary

Al Qaeda magazine threatens targets such as Marks & Spencer store

A Guide to Terror

Al Qaeda booklet details how to make homemade bombs

Chilling Report: Terrorists Call for Attacks on U.S.

Al Qaeda magazine urges car bomb attacks on Times Square, Las Vegas, U.S. military colleges


NATO warns Russia to stop military actions in Ukraine

U.N.: Syrian Refugees Now Above 3 Million

Mass Killings in Syria

Islamic State group kills more than 150 captured Syrian soldiers

Jihadis Kidnap U.N. Officials

Pro-jihad international organization finds its own officials in Syria captured; another 81 peacekeepers trapped

Grisly Findings

U.N. panel: Beheadings in Syria now routine

American Held Hostage in Syria

Young woman said to be doing humanitarian work


U.N. Peacekeepers Rescued

Dozens of captured soldiers near Israeli border saved from Islamist terrorists

In supreme irony, other peacekeepers flee to Israel, a country their institution loathes

Red Alert

IDF northern command in high state of readiness due to current upheaval

Time to Go Home

IDF tells southern residents all security restrictions are lifted

IDF Soldier Dies From Shrapnel Wounds

Netanel Maman is 71st Israeli fatality of Gaza war

American Yeshiva Student Laid to Rest

Aaron Sofer found dead after hiking in Jerusalem Forest; dehydration is unconfirmed cause of death

Israel in Crossfire of Syrian Battle


Pew Poll: Americans Sympathize With Israel More Than Palestinians

Enemies of Mankind

Steinitz to U.S. lawmakers: Global coalition needed to defeat terror

Memorandum of Understanding

Cleveland State and Univ. of Haifa formalize relationship

You Made Obama Mad!

Netanyahu-hating former envoy Martin Indyk says government damaged relationship with the U.S.

The Great Divide

U.S. Jewish leaders' responses to Gaza ceasefire run gamut from relief to outrage

Anti-Israel Prof Back at Trinity

Israel supporters fear replay of academic boycott feud


The Beasts of the Brooklyn Bridge

Pro-terror pogromists unfurl massive Palestinian flag in NYC

NYPD investigating

Attention Scrabble Mavens!

Yiddish word 'schmutz' is now kosher for play

Hilarious: Media Claims It Is 'Not Defending Hamas'



Joan Rivers 'Resting Comfortably' in Hospital

Comedian suffered cardiac and respiratory arrest during office procedure on vocal chords

U.S. Cable TV to Air Series on Jewish Life

20-part Jewish film series will be shown in September on Turner Classic Movies channel

'Happy' Adon Olam Lifts Spirits

Dispatch From Israel's Burning Man

Hippie spiritual event held in the Negev

Look Who Has an Emmy

Sarah Silverman takes home a trophy for comedy special


Israeli Breakthrough Against ALS

Stem-cell treatment in advanced trials

Israeli Judo World Champ Takes Silver

Yarden Gerbi loses title to French rival

A Vanished World

Roman Vishniac's photographs of pre-war Eastern Europe goes online

World Memory Project

U.S. Holocaust Museum helps connect long-lost relatives

Tasteless Tee

Following insensitivity complaints, Zara fashion company destroys inventory of striped shirt with yellow 'sheriff' star

Think Before You Speak

NFL announcer makes antisemitic joke on air

Eye on Teen Tennis Star

Noah Rubin of Long Island plays in U.S. Open

ReWalk Robotics Going Public

Israeli company that helps the paralyzed walk again will be offered on N.Y. stock exchange