Extremism in America

White Lives Matter declared a hate group

Photo: YouTube


Jews for Trump

In Florida, the Orthodox community bucks a trend

The Czech Capitulation

Bowing to Palestinian blackmail, Czech schoolbooks claim Tel Aviv is capital of Israel

Reconciliation Ratified

Turkish president approves renewal of ties with Israel

As Turkey receives warning of large 'imminent' terror attacks

Barack's Best Friends Continue March to Nukes

Satellite launched that could aid ballistic missile attacks

No Hard Feelings...

Trump to meet with Mexican president who compared him to Hitler

Mexico definitely doesn't like it

ANALYSIS: This is Trump's chance to look presidential

The Win Strategy

Clinton campaign works to push Trump out of swing states

None of Your Business

Corrupt UN 'human rights' office slams French burkini ban


BDS Rising in Europe

How far is racist boycott movement going to get?

But American Jews Stand Up

AJC launches effort to get all 50 U.S. governors to sign anti-BDS petition

The Hooligan Haters

Polish soccer fans burn effigies of Jews

WSJ: Turks Didn't Coordinate Syria Offensive With U.S.

In other words: No one respects Obama


Human Rights Watch Says Palestinians Did Something Wrong!

Report shows Pals abuse media, citizens

Iran to Construct Two More Nuclear Plants

You Are Brilliant, Barack

Iran Deploys Long Range Missiles to Fordo Site

Khamenei: Iran Will 'Hit Hard' if Attacked by U.S.

French Announce New Deals With Terror-State Iran

Iran Accuses Nuclear Deal Negotiator of Spying

Cross the Euphrates

Turkey accuses Syrian Kurds of 'ethnic cleansing'

Turkish Attack on Kurds Endangers U.S. Forces

ISIS Strikes in Yemen

Car bombing attack kills scores of young military recruits in Aden

Why Obama Let Iran's Green Revolution Fail

Legal Precedent Now

French court overturns burkini ban

Hate Crime in Northern Ireland

13 Jewish graves vandalized in Belfast

The Case Against Iran

Saudi, Gulf nations join Israel in blaming Tehran for turmoil


Ugliness in Blue

Israel police commissioner makes derogatory remarks about Ethiopian Jews

Resignation Demanded

Activists say comments 'proved that the police endanger the community.'

At Rally, Lapid Accuses Swedish FM of Antisemitism

Dark Prophecy

Former Mossad chief says civil war a bigger threat to Israel than Iran

Innocent After All?

IDF officer says soldier on trial for unlawfully killing terrorist acted appropriately


IDF preparing for ISIS terror assault from Sinai

NYT Somehow Manages to Incriminate Israel in Burkini Controversy With Totally Unrelated Story

WPost Spotlights Phony Arab Village Susiya, Where Jews Have Lived for Millennia

Hebron Soldier Was Right to Shoot

So says civilian security official

Putin's Peace Push

Russian president invites parties to Moscow summit


Analysis: Is the Alt-Right Movement Antisemitic?

California Stands Up to Bias

State legislature passes anti-BDS bill

Redeeming the Captives

Three Syrian Jewish refugee families smuggled out and quietly resettled in Kentucky

Rahm to Israel?

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel reacts to rumors he will be next ambassador to Israel


Bannon a Bigot?

Trump campaign CEO made antisemitic comments, says ex-wife

Unpopular in Seattle

Jewish GOP donor says Jewish community anger forced him to drop Trump

Congressional Dems: Trump legitimizes white supremacists

Wasserman Schultz Wins Florida Primary

Rubio wins Florida GOP primary

John McCain in the Electoral Fight of His Life

Trump Woos Women and Minorities by Pitting One Group Against the Other

Analysis: A Putin-Sponsored October Surprise?

Polls Show Tight Races in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan

Seven Ways Clinton Foundation Failed to Meet its Transparency Promises

Crucial Florida Vote

Poll: Clinton crushing Trump among Florida Jews; Orthodox for Trump 2-1

Netanyahu to Head to America Next Month

He will address U.N. General Assembly and be honored by conservative U.S. think tank


Town rallies around Jewish family after trash can defaced with antisemitic graffiti

A Controversial Law

Victims of Hezbollah rocket attacks in Israel lose U.S. appeal in case against Lebanese bank

Stop the Hate Group

Anti-Israel SJP conference slated to be held at Virginia public university

Will Iran 'Ransom' Controversy Sway Senate Races?


A Cesspool of Antisemitism at the University of Tennessee

Israeli Expert: Arab Regime Crackdowns Are Pushing New ISIS Recruiting


Laughter Silenced

Jewish comedy legend Gene Wilder dies at 83

The Jewish Gene

In interview, Gene Wilder contemplated his Jewish side

The essence of his talent was innocence

The Jewish Guitar God

Remembering the unstoppable bluesman Mike Bloomfield

If Trump Wins.....

Megastar Barbra Streisand says she'll move to either Canada or Australia

Israeli Artists Win at MTV Music Video Awards

Video to Coldplay’s 'Up&Up' earns top honors for best visual effects


The Daring Jewish 'Avengers'

Why plot to poison former SS men in American POW camp didn't work remains a mystery

Blast From the Past

Vittorio's Kosher Grill will reopen in Brookline, Mass

Worldwide Jewish Spiritual Leader Passes Away

Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis, founder of outreach group Hineni, dies at 80

An Act of Chesed

Strangers answer the call to attend burial of woman who was not going to have any mourners at funeral

Stories of Super Siblings

Read about the Rahm brothers, often called the Jewish Kennedys

Call 'The Jewish Number'

New phone number connects Jews all over the world

Jewish Innovators Under 35

'Glide' CEO Ari Roisman believes future communication could be on your wrist

Meron Gribetz, founder of startup 'Meta,' is an augmented-reality dreamer

Dream Becomes Reality

ReWalk inventor designs revolutionary standing wheelchair