Official Lies

White House misrepresents Israeli

security officials' take on Iran deal


Barack's Gift: Khamenei Publishes Book on How to Destroy Israel

Obama Authorizes Airstrikes to Defend Syrian Rebels

Return to All-Out Conflict?

Turkey puts pressure on Kurdish rebels

Carnage in Syria

Dozens killed when Syrian army jet crashes into marketplace in rebel-held area

Sandstorm Swirls in Jordan

Amman flights diverted to Tel Aviv


Thank You, Mr. Kerry

Iran orders fighter jets from China


Report: Top French official suggests a better Iran deal can be achieved

Pakistan Claims Al-Qaeda Commander Killed

Umar Lateef dies in overnight raid; terrorist wife detained

Israeli Diplomat Warns: Don't Count on U.S. Jews to Oppose Iran Deal

Survey Says: Most Israelis Believe Israel Must Press on and Fight Deal

73 percent said Obama not looking out for Israel's best interests

Exploring Options

Netanyahu and Cameron will meet to discuss cooperation

Egypt and Saudi Arabia Sign Defense Pact

In wake of Iran deal, Arab nations strengthen military and economic cooperation

Who Is Turkey Fighting? ISIS or Kurds?

Time Ran Out

Germany won't investigate 96-year-old American man for Nazi war crimes


'Whose Torah is this?'

Top Israeli rabbi denounces homophobia after pride parade stabbings

PLO: 'I very much appreciate all the condemnations that were expressed by Israeli society' following arson attack

The Crackdown Begins

Mair Kahane's grandson arrested by Shin Bet

His secret plan to overthrow the Israeli government

Relative: 'I think the fact that he’s Rabbi Kahane’s grandson was a far deeper motive in his arrest than any shred of information that they wanted to extract.'

No Go

Tourist attacked for flying Israeli flag on Temple Mount

West Bank Incidents

Detained Palestinian shot after escape attempt

Palestinian with ax arrested; claims self-defense

Palestinians Attempt to Set Fire to Joseph's Tomb

Wildfire Was Arson

Jerusalem-area blaze, which raged for hours, was started deliberately, say authorities

Hamas Takes Advantage

Terror group accuses P.A. of collaborating with the 'settlers'

Jewish Group Demands Obama Stop Demonizing Jews

Kerry Restarts Dialogue

U.S., Egypt resume formal security talks

Secretary of Snake Oil

In Cairo, Kerry reassures allies Iran deal makes Mideast 'safer'


Biden for President?

Speculation swirls U.S. veep may challenge Hillary

The Handler

Clinton emails reveal her advice on how to pressure Netanyahu to restart peace talks

Not Cool, Ohio State

University condemns marching band parody of the Holocaust

Behind Bars

Moshe Matsri, alleged Los Angeles leader of worldwide crime ring, gets 32 years

Obama to Supporters: 'Get Loud' and Lobby Congress to Back Deal

Administration facing tougher than expected battle

The Hostile College Campus

Study: 75% of North American Jewish college students report antisemitism

Blasting BDS

Congressional hearings reveal boycott movement's demonization of Israel

Obama Won't Let Pollard Leave U.S.

He'll be let out of jail, but under parole terms, can't go to Israel for five years

Sources: U.S. fears 'hero's welcome' in Israel


Dershowitz Podcast: This Is a Win, Win, Win for Iran

Iran Deal Swiss Cheese

Ret. Admiral Stavridis: 'You can drive a truck through some of these holes'

No Joke

Actors Morgan Freeman, Jack Black and Queen Noor join anti-nuclear group Global Zero


VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Israel Knows It Cannot Count on the West

NAHUM BARNEA: Hatred Is Tearing Israel Apart

MEIR JAVEDAFAR: Iranian Hardliners May Bring Down Rouhani

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Iran Deal: Trust. Maybe Verify.

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Iran's Closed Covenants

JOHN BOLTON: The Iran Deal's Dangerous Precedent

MICHAEL DORAN: Who Bamboozled Whom?

DAVID HOROVITZ: A Shameful Day for Israel

YAIR LAPID: Will the Israeli Center Please Stand Up?

MANFRED GERSTENFELD: Why Israel Is Losing the Media War


Was Walt Disney an Antisemite?

Filmmakers for new documentary say they see no evidence

Kanye West to Perform in Israel

American rapper scheduled for Oct. concert

Brazilian Singers Stand for Israel

Worst Day Ever?

Read Hasidic teen's bottom-to-top poem

Smooth Shave

For razor ad, Israeli man shaves beard after 14 years and shocks family

Jerusalem's Season of Culture Kicks Off

Summer line-up includes Sacred Music Festival

Performer Cools Off and Shows Off

Singer/dancer Chris Brown impresses with acrobatic skills on Tel Aviv beach

The Zohan Hearts Israel

'I support Israel 100 percent,' says actor/comedian Adam Sandler


Israelis Win 61 Medals at Special Olympics

Red Card Not Enough

Ashdod soccer players forced to flee field when Bulgarian fans attack at Sofia game

Mikvah-Peeping Rabbi Headed to Jail

Judge upholds six-and-a-half year sentence given to D.C. Rabbi Barry Freundel

Shadows of Iraq

60 years after they were expelled, signs of Baghdad's Jews remain

Worldwide Trend

Antisemitic incidents in U.K. soar in first half of 2015

Jan Kulczyk, Major Funder of Poland's Jewish Museum, Dies

On Tu B'Av, a Report on Love

Jerusalem is Israel's capital of divorce, but nearly 53,000 couples married in Israel in 2013


JDate sues JSwipe...over the letter 'J'

Neo-Nazis Attack Orthodox Jew in Zurich

Antisemitic Graffiti Found on Berlin Landmark

Hate speech discovered on section of Berlin Wall

'Good Triumphs Evil'

Jewish European Maccabi Games held at Nazi stadium in Berlin

Essay: Dear Adolf, We're Still Here

Nazi-Burned Site Uncovered

Archaeologists use radar to find remains of Great Synagogue of Vilna

New Jerusalem Landscape

'Freedom Pyramid' high-rise will change skyline

A High Line in Tel Aviv

Plans are to roof over the Ayalon Highway and construct an open public space

Letter-writing Campaign

New York officials urged to probe 'poor quality and scant secular education' at yeshivot

Have Synagogue, Will Travel

Washington, D.C., edifice will be relocated--again

Reality Check

Boston synagogue spends downsize