In the Name of the Fallen

Israel prepares for Memorial Day



New shrine to Israel's fallen soldiers opens

The Antisemitic Candidate?

German FM sparked feud with Netanyahu to garner anti-Israel vote

Claims social democrats, not Jews, were first victims of the Holocaust

Perfidy at the U.N.

Israel accuses Germany of enabling racist resolution

In Praise of Radiohead

Pro-Israel music industry group hails band for standing up to BDS bullies

Good for Him

Major Jewish donor to Labour party vows to fight antisemitic party leader

Goodbye Antisemite

Defeated head of British national student union shouts "free Palestine!" as she leaves office

Honoring the Righteous Convert

Memorial held for Muslim-born Jewish convert who fought for the Etzel

Damage Control

Beset with antisemitic scandals, French presidential candidate Le Pen visits Holocaust memorial

Regional Solution?

Could Arab states really bring Mideast peace?

Never a Better Time

Israeli ambassador invites Arab states to table


We Still Love Terrorism!

Palestinians refuse to cancel payments to terrorists and their families


Jordan says Arab states will offer Israel security guarantees in peace agreement

Le Pen Keeps Digging the Hole

After remarks denying French participation in the Holocaust, presidential candidate nominates antisemite for prime minister

Oh Please...

Hamas to publish more 'moderate' charter while still pledging to destroy Israel

Le Pen In Hot Water

France far-Right presidential candidate reeling from Holocaust denial allegation

British Police Thwart Terror Plot

One shot, six arrested in anti-terrorism raid

As Jews are ejected from racist pro-Palestinian conference

School of Hate

Palestinian curriculum even more hateful in 2017

Analysis: How Iran Cheats on Nuke Deal

Analysis: JCPOA Obligates U.S. to Lie for Iran

Obama's Hidden Iran Deal Giveaway

Analysis: The Nuclear Deal That Keeps Getting Worse

Nothing's Changed

Iran researching nuclear weapons

Hezbollah Brazenly Flouts U.N. Resolution 1701


Soldiers Remember

Three fighters depicted in legendary 1967 photo return to the Kotel

'Ask me in a month'

Trump reignites speculation that he will relocate U.S. embassy to Jerusalem

North Korea Goes Completely Bonkers, Threatens Israel

After Liberman criticizes leader, regime shrieks, 'Our consistent message is to mercilessly punish those who offend the dignity of our leadership.'

'We warn Israel to think twice about the implications of its defamation campaign against us.'

Save the Date

Trump will visit Israel at end of May Nikki Haley to arrive in June

Bibi Slams German Foreign Minister

'I don't welcome diplomats from other countries who visit Israel and at the same time meet with organizations that call our soldiers war criminals.'

'I think it was a particularly insensitive time to seek a meeting like this. These are the days we mourn the murdered members of our people in the Holocaust and our fallen soldiers.'

Bennett Wins Party Primaries

Jewish Home party founder takes leadership in landslide victory


Bibi: Abbas Must Change

PM tells Sean Hannity that P.A. must stop incitement, stipends to terrorists

Says Trump Should 'Repeal or Replace' Iran Deal


King of Pop

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame honors Jewish singer-songwriter Paul Simon

NY Times Hits New Low

Hosts Israel-hating racist former Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters for hour-long discussion

Admits attempt to bully Radiohead into canceling Israel show has failed

Treasures of the Past

New exhibit showcases Cairo genizah collection of ancient Jewish documents

From Hatred to Repentance

New film tells the story of a Hungarian antisemite who became a Jew

Man of a Thousand Voices

Simpsons star Hank Azaria says, 'I certainly feel most at home with Jewish characters.'

The Great Tunnel

New documentary chronicles one of the Holocaust's most daring escape attempts

Chronicle of Failure

The Oslo Process will be depicted on film


The Friend

London's Muslim mayor changes from anti-Israel firebrand to ally of the London Jewish community, fighter against antisemitism

Antisemite Out

British parliamentary candidate banned for unbelievably racist posts

More Good News

Antisemite defeated in Britain's national student union elections

Self-Hater Speaks

British Jewish student says there is no antisemitism among antisemitic anti-Israel groups

Antisemitism Watchdog: 'To tell Jews that they will be treated as pariahs unless they renounce all religious and cultural connection to Israel and Israelis is antisemitic.'