Terror at the Met

'Culture' trumps conscience in new opera that glorifies PLO terrorists

UPDATE: New York mayors face off, with far-Left DeBlasio

defending and Right-wing Giuliani joining protests



Klinghoffer Opera Draws Hundreds of Protesters

'Israel hatred scaled the wall of culture'

Standing ovation

Iran Arrests 'Spies' Near Busher Nuclear Plant

Oops! ISIS Seizes U.S. Airdrop Meant for Kurds

The Beast of Buenos Aires

Argentian far-Leftist sentenced to jail for threatening Jewish protesters

Building on Victory

Foreign Ministery document states, 'Israel has the opportunity to advance on the war with Hamas to achieve a diplomatic solution.'

Nasty Equivalency

Jordan's king says Islamic extremism is a problem, but 'there is Zionist extremism... stakeholders should acknowledge there is extremism in all camps.'

Netanyahu Shelves Bill to Reform Conversion Process

Livni claims PM acted on pressure from religious parties

'Bibi succumbed to his fears and succumbed to the ultra-Orthodox.'

Sell to Jews, Jail for Life

Abbas enacts racist law sentencing Arabs who sell land to Jews to life in prison with hard labor

Duh and Double Duh: U.N. Says Iran Not Cooperating With Nuclear Probe

Germany to Sell Israel Navy Fastboats

Boats to be used to guard gas rigs at sea

Miami's Jewish Community Booming

Orthodox Jews, Israelis spur growth


Come on In, Barbarian Savages!

Denmark goes completely nuts, decides to use carrot instead of stick with returning psychopathic jihadis

Lieberman: Time to deal with Iran no matter what the world says

'As I've said time and again, if you want to shoot – shoot, don't talk.'

Justice Undone

U.S. gives social security benefits to former Nazis in exchange for leaving the country

U.S. Drops Supplies to Kurdish Fighters in Syria

Obama best buddy Erdogan opposes move

What the...

Russian internet site holds 'Miss Hitler' beauty pageant

'Participants are requested to submit Nazi-themed "selfies" to the competition organized by a neo-Nazi group.'

Sickening Students

U.K. student union rejects Holocaust Memorial Day as 'Zionist'

While the World Watches ISIS, Iran Captures Yemen


Jerusalem Police to Establish Special Unit to Quell Rioting

Arabs destroying property, trains, rioting at Kotel

'Why are we stupid?!'

Grieving father of fallen soldier blasts Israeli hospital for treating daughter of Hamas leader

He's Baaaaaaaack

Ehud Barak meets with Labor party officials, prompting rumors of political comeback

Just Get Out

Lieberman pledges to oust Israeli-Arab Balad party from the Knesset after MK says IDF worse than ISIS

Yaalon at Ground Zero

Defense minister joins Israeli architect of 9/11 memorial in New York, pledges to continue fight against terrorism

Tells U.N. Ban Hamas Must Stop Construction of Terror Tunnels

The Other Rally

Yitzhak Rabin's son to lead counter-rally on anniversary of his father's assassination to advocate acceptance of Arab peace plan

Big Bad Israel Aids ISIS Victims

Israelis risk life and limb in Iraq to help Yazidi refugees

Poll: 75% of Israelis Oppose Palestinian State Based on 1967 Lines, Dividing Jerusalem

Why? Israel Treats Daughter of Terror Leader Haniyeh in Hospital

Report: Hamas Reconstructing Terror Tunnels

Your Doctor Is a Murdering Terrorist

Israeli Arab medical student joins ISIS, dies fighting


Will Obama take revenge on Netanyahu at crucial U.N. Security Council vote?

Arab Israeli MK: Israel Worse Than ISIS

Zoabi a known terror supporter

IFCJ to Bring Olim Directly to Israel

Christian-Jewish group focuses on FSU

Self-Hating Jews Unite!

Hard-Left group 'Open Hillel' hosts pro-BDS conference


Academia's Most Shameless Liars

Hard-Left American Studies Association denies it banned Israeli academics after banning Israeli academics

Who's With Us?

Do you know what your congressman really thinks about Israel?

Jews to the Rescue

Tom Frieden, head of the CDC, heads up America's fight against Ebola

Death of a Shanda

Notorious Cold War spy David Greenglass, who exposed the Rosenberg's espionage, dies at 92

Ivy League Disgrace

Swastikas found on Yale dorm steps

Midterm Elections

Close races to watch include four seats for House

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and Wife Donate $25m to Fight Ebola

Death of a Dynasty

Newly released emails reveal daughter of legendary Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel claimed Bill Clinton did not commit adultery 'according to classical Jewish law'

Jihadi 'Poster Boy' Reportedly Dead

American jihadist killed in Syria

The Ousted Yale Chaplain Speaks Out

Yale Episcopal spiritual leader, forced out over accusations of antisemitism, talks about his resignation

Yeah, There's No Problem With Antisemitism on Campus...

Jewish fraternity finds house defaced with swastikas after Yom Kippur


Priestly Blessing at the Kotel--Sukkot 5775

Shock Video: American Jewish Students Describe Jewish Hate on Campus



To the Chariots!

Israeli actress Gal Gadot to follow up Wonder Woman with remake of Ben-Hur

'I remember sitting there with Roman and we were both crying. It just brought back the horror of it all.'

Legendary filmmaker Roman Polanski's producer Gene Gutowski opens up about his Holocaust experience

Swiss Museum to Receive German Hoarder's Paintings

'Let the Memories Live Again'

Broadway musical 'Cats' coming to Tel Aviv

Celebrity Watch

Actor Richard Gere to shoot movie in Israel

Estate Sale

Actress Lauren Bacall's art, jewelry to be auctioned in New York

Demonstration Against the Met

'100-Wheelchair Caravan' on Oct. 20 will protest Klinghoffer opera in NYC


Missing Israeli woman was tracing dead boyfriend's steps in Annapurna

Am Yisrael Buy

New app helps users locate Israeli products

Jewish Center Opens in Budapest

Aurora is an alternative Jewish cultural and community hub

Kosher Market Attacked in Crown Heights

Antisemitic violence hits neighborhood again as African-American teenagers vandalize store, shout 'Heil Hitler'

Sears removes 'punk rock' swastika ring from its website

Muslim countries hawk antisemitic literature at Frankfurt book fair

Study: Miami Jewry Is Growing

For the first time in 4 decades, Jewish population has increased

D.C. Rabbi Charged with Voyeurism

Longtime Kesher Israel spiritual leader arrested for allegedly installing camera in mikvah shower